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Reside on Pine Grove

3610 North Pine Grove Avenue

Chicago, IL 60613



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Recommended
Reviewed 07/01/2019
Overall, we like this building. We've lived here previously before Reside took over, and in the early days of the Reside transition. When we thought about moving back to this apartment, it seemed like a no brainer. However, it seems the staff needs some work on communication and how to treat their residents with respect. My husband and I moved into our apartment at Pine Grove on Saturday, and experienced a horrible interaction with one of Reside's employees working at the leasing office. Our cable guy came into our apartment at noon, trying to connect to the correct wire outside. After over an hour of him trying to figure out how to connect the line, he asked if we could speak to someone in maintenance to assist him. As there are two lines, one for Comcast, and one for RCN. We simply needed to know which line to connect to. Because there is no information on a maintenance number, as all requests are done online, I called the office which was supposed to be open until 5 pm. I called the leasing agent line, the concierge line, and our leasing agent. I even emailed the office. After an hour of literally no response from anyone, I walked over to your offices on 707. The door had the open sign on, and there was an agent in the office. Although, they were ignoring my calls from the buzzer. So, I knocked on the door. Finally, the woman (short blond hair) let me in, but not only to provide me with such an unprofessional and rude attitude. She rolled her eyes at me as she opened the door, sighed and said "What do you want?". I stated, we have been trying to reach the office for over an hour. Our cable guy just needs to confirm which line to connect to outside. Would you be able to confirm? She then asked rudely, "Give me your phone then. Are you calling him, or am I calling him?" At this point, after such an attitude I was floored. How do you speak to people like that? She then stated she had "bigger emergencies than this". Cool, but give me a number who can assist us. This could have easily been settled by picking up the phone, providing the number and moving on. We were able to get a maintenance person to walk over to 3610 to help us with this so that we could continue on with our moving day. (Props to that gentleman) The cable man was there for over 2 hours because it appears the RCN cables were cut in order for residents to choose Comcast over RCN, which is why he needed someone at Reside to confirm where the RCN line was. Most likely, these were cut by Comcast to lessen the competition. In addition, our neighbor next to us could not get into her apartment that morning because her key was not activated and her movers left her things in the hallway, which delayed our movers as well. She also had a very difficult time reaching anyone at the office and took her over an hour as well. I understand that this is a busy time for moving, and things get hectic, but there is certainly no reason for the attitude. The basics of customer service is to treat others with respect even at times of stress. I certainly did not appreciate the behavior we received on Saturday. I hope our experience at Reside Living will improve from here on out.
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Reside on Pine Grove

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