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SoNo East Apartments

840 W Blackhawk Street

Chicago, IL 60642



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zakoryan • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/15/2017
I'd like to start the review straight forward by saying I have never been more disappointed in an apartment complex or the people running it, in my 13 years of renting. I'm going to just make a list of issues to make this easier as I'm sure you all have a lot better things to do than read "bad management" and "how is this luxury" reviews 1) We were told to pickup our keys on Friday at 7am. We moved here from Cleveland. We left Cleveland at 1am to arrive at Sono East at 7am where we were greeted like strays who didn't belong in the lobby. The front desk gentleman "assured" us that the front office would never tell us such a thing and that "they aren't even here until 10am so you might want to take a seat". Ok, well, the e-mail from management says otherwise, and the fact that we had the freight elevator reserved at 9am does as well. It doesn't end there. Not only do we wander around Chicago with our dog for 2 hours until our movers arrive, but at 9am when we are scheduled to be able to move things into the apartment, there is STILL maintenance people in the apartment FLIPPING it. Think about that. They are PAINTING our apartment at 9am on move-in day. The movers mentioned to us that if they couldnt get started soon they would need to pull our stuff off the truck and leave it on the sidewalk. Nice. Luckily, shortly after that, the maintenance team was done painting and we could move in. Oh, at this point we still don't have our keys, the supervisor door guy (different guy than before) let us in the room, AND we were told to be careful because of the spot painting. Awesome 2) Problems with the apartment. The walls are ----! You can hear absolutely everything. How is this luxury? 3) The A/C constantly runs because the apartment is "eco-friendly" and there is a regulator on it so it never catches up to the desired temperature and you just hear the fan on at all times. I'm positive this bill will be insane. 4) I got locked in the dog run because management forgot I was moving in with my 200 pound dog. Yea, I don't know how you forget that but they did. The gate was open after I obtained my keys and FOB, went in, shut it behind us, tried to scan us out, didn't work. We waited 20 minutes in a dog run that smells exactly like your dog got into all of your asparagus because of incompetency. Again... Got the FOB 5) The water pressure on the shower was a SLOW drool and was brought up to management on the day we moved in ONLY to finally be fixed 5 days later. Like, now, the guys just left. Turns out "someone may have installed this shower head after moving in" and the complex never replaced it during turnover. Maybe because they were still painting upon move in time. 6) The stove drawer is not on rails, or the rails are broke. So getting out and pans is just a wiggly mess. 7) The blinds they use are the same blinds I had in my dorm room at Bowling Green State University in '06. They simply don't work right and look a college dorm rooms blinds I don't know if you caught that first part 8) After communicating this to Rob, the gentleman who sent us the "pick up your keys at 7am" email, he initially tried to defend the keys not being present by saying our lease was incomplete, which, turns out, it was. It was incomplete because Sono East wants you to sign the "walkthrough" form stating everything is ok, BEFORE the actual walkthrough! Oh, and then, they want you to sign it , yea...confusing. Also confusing is why he'd still tell us he'd leave our keys at 7am if the lease wasn't complete. They had all of our moneys, I know that much! That was TOTALLY complete. The money... He finally took blame for it all and we'd made amends, or so I thought, when he stated we could meet with management and try to make things right 9) Enter, Brittany, Sono East Building Manager (I , Robs Manager, at least). 5 days later Brittany finally reaches out because she doesn't work the weekends (no manager does apparently even though the front office staff is here), and she was at corporate monday (another group of people I'll be contacting). Brittany told me monday she would like to meet. I told her I'm off tuesday and anytime would work. Tuesday came around, no word. I finally emailed again at 330pm in which she promptly responded back by saying maintenance would be up. Nothing about the rest of my concerns. I finally went down to meet with Brittany face to face. She mentioned she understood all of our concerns and would like to offer us a 1 night stay in the guest room. You serious Brittany? I told her that's not a viable option as we spend around 2500 in rent and prefer to be there, WITH our guests. She said that's all she'd be able to offer, and I left her office. All in all, I wish I'd never moved into this place as there are PLENTY of other places to choose from around here. I'll ride this lease out then move on to a place where adults work the front desk.
SoNo East Apartments Manager08/17/2017

Hi Zak, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We regret that you had a negative experience, and will use this as an opportunity to improve our move in process. Please let me know if you would like to meet again or if you would like to set up a call to discuss anything further. Thank you, Brittany Nemeth Community Manager 312.664.8400

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SoNo East Apartments

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