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SoNo East Apartments

840 W Blackhawk Street

Chicago, IL 60642



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Kjohnson771 • Resident 2017 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/03/2019
It is my opinion this is The FYRE Festival of Chicago "Luxury" Apartments I feel badly giving the management staff one star, but one team member (who shall remain nameless) truly earned it for the group. The building may have been better back in the day when most of the more favorable reviews were written. This building, "shows," really well during 1 or 2 tours to an unknowing audience. It does not capture the full experience of living here. Let's start with the amenities and then move onto the Raining Urine. AMENITIES: I am writing this review in 2019. It was not until recent years that management stopped being able to control their amenities. The pool was closed in June of 2017. It was closed again in July of 2017... Remember, this is Chicago. You only have a small handful of weeks to enjoy amenities like a pool during your lease term (there are plenty of buildings that offer indoor/outdoor pools, but put that to the side). By the summer of 2018, management grew tired of sending emails out about pool closures... Maybe because they didn't want a paper trail documenting their inability to keep it open over the summer. So they started taping notices to the pool entry. Where reviews allow photos, I will be uploading an example of such a notice posted Memorial Day Weekend of 2018. Underneath the management office's writing, a tenant, not myself, wrote, "Closing pool on Memorial Day deserves more than this notice. This is unacceptable." As of writing this post - no remedy was ever offered. It was during the Summer of 2018 that a staff member threatened police action to any resident entering the pool without permission. Imagine that... The Chicago Police Department having nothing better to do than enforce Sono East's managers' policies. I have the time and date of this as well. The Apartment Units: The building's design has what reasonable people would call a flaw. The building makes it a rule for pet owners not to allow their animals to urinate on the balconies. I acknowledge it is difficult for management to enforce this rule which is why this - what I colloquially call - a design flaw is all the more apparent. The balconies have drains that direct rain water and other debris off the balcony. The drain release is flush with the building which means the animal waste, water, and debris dribbles directly onto the downstairs neighbor's balcony. The urine waterfalls are worse in Spring / Summer months so if you don't want a balcony or have a shorter term rental the above would not apply to you. The flooring is cheap. If you have issues with any of the heavier appliances, expect the building's engineer and maintenance team to accidentally rip, what appears to be, vinyl painted to look like wood flooring. It's not the engineer or maintenance team's fault - It's just cheap flooring and not what you would expect from a building with the word, "luxury," in its advertisements. I have more photos, notes, and emails documenting additional events so I will be monitoring this review and may add more to this at a later time.
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SoNo East Apartments

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