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The Grandeur



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i_survived • Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/07/2013
Before I couldn't really built an opinion about this place, until i lived here for a while. If you dont want to read the entire review let me just sum it up for you... RUN!!! RUN and dont look back!! Bed bugs: So this building has been infested with bed bugs for few years now and they are only spreading rapidly through the apartments. These things are a nightmare and extremely expensive to treat. I should have known something is up when there were lots of mattresses thrown out. Noise: I live in studio and every time my neighbors flush their toilet I can hear it. Come on i dont want to know your business. (clearly not their fault this building is build in 1920's or something like that, walls are paper thin) One neighbor moved out because people where too loud on their adult activities. Smell: This building is alright when it comes to smell. When someone smokes in their apartment you bet that the hallway and even your apartment will smell like cheep cigarettes and sometimes even weed. Some people dont like to take their trash out often. So when it gets warmer out you can really smell their trash. Elevators: there are 2 of them. I think most of us residents of this building were stuck on one... or will get stuck. They break often and they are not properly fixed. Location: It takes about 35-45 minutes to get to downtown with the L. NOT 15 minutes like a landlord will promise you when you come check this place out. Even if you drive to downtown it will take you at least good 20-40 minutes. This place is convenient when it comes to the beach area, its convenient for public transportation, lots of different shops, few good bars. Safety: Havent had a problem here. I come back home late at night and not once i was scared for my life. I hope it stays that way. Landlord: She is no joke. You have an issue she will try to fix it. But she is not a maintenance guy, you cant really expect her to be the superman well superwoman in this case. It is also very hard to reach her, so if you have a problem good luck trying to get a hold of her. She is a lovely woman, she will often write you a christmas card, from renting for several years she is one of the best landlords I have ever had. Good part: they aren't cheep on the heat sometimes this place gets so hot I have to crack the windows open in the middle of the winter. Water also comes in rent and so does electricity. Laundry: Laundry is on sight it is usually busy and some people are jerks who likes to take your wet clothes out of the dryer and put their laundry in. Had this happen couple times and it really makes you mad but they what can you do. If you dont like laundry room in the building you can always go wash your stuff in the Laundromat right around the corner. overall: I had ran into few problems which are expected. The view is amazing and you can really make your place extremely cozy. When my friends comes to visit they dont want to leave. Luckily people on my floor are extremely friendly and understanding we keep our noise to minimum, the smell gets annoying but eventually you learn how to deal with it. Place is fairly safe, and there are no roach problems besides the annoying bed bugs (hey its chicago bed bug central). This place is alright but It is not worth living here. I think there are better places to rent so if you are thinking about moving in here dont just sign the lease knock on some doors and ask people how is it living here. Another thing you should know that the living conditions varies based by floors. Many people dont stick around here for more then a year.
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The Grandeur

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