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The Streeter



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I lived at The Streeter for a year and a half and have nothing but absolutely great things to say. I love and greatly miss the building, apartment, staff (especially the awesome door staff!), amenities, and location. The only reason I moved out is because I had to move overseas. When I first looked for apartments in Chicago, I happened to walk by The Streeter on my way to another building. It was the first building I saw. I signed up to â??test driveâ?? (spend a free night in furnished model) and signed the lease without even viewing another building. Thatâ??s how great of an impression this place made on me. And man, did it deliver! Hereâ??s why I loved it there: My apartment: - Very spacious, especially the closets (I lived in a convertible first, then a studio) - Up-to-date kitchen with lots of cabinet space and dishwashers - Washer & dryer in unit (who has that in the city!?) - Floor-to-ceiling windows - Large bathroom My busy schedule: - When something was broken, I just emailed the leasing office or stopped by on my way out to work, gave them permission to enter my apartment and - bam! - when I came home from work, it was fixed, whether it was broken lightbulbs, A/C, or sink drain. - Work, print, go online anytime thanks to the 24-hour business center and library - Take work outside thanks to free WiFi on the community room patio - Coming home late was not a safety issue here thanks to the brightly lit lobby with a friendly doorman who knows my name sees me get out of a cab and makes sure I get in safely. I never felt unsafe here. - I have picked up many packages from the valet because I travel so much. I have also left items with the doorman for my friends to pick up if I couldnâ??t find a time to meet up with them and return items I had borrowed. Obviously, you canâ??t take this for granted and it helps to have a good relationship with the staff, but in my experience everyone is willing to help out and make your life easier. My health & fitness: - Can't beat free yoga classes and boot camp - Train for a triathlon during winter: Treadmill, stationary bike and resistance pool - Heal an aching back in the sauna and steam room - Relax in the hot tub after a long - Read a book while floating in the pool - 2 blocks from my running route on the lake My taste buds: - D4 Irish Pub (with delivery!) and Dollop Coffee House in the building, Starbucks around the corner (and an endless array of outside dining â?? itâ??s Streeterville, after all) - Trying new local restaurants when they sell meals in the lobby 2x per week - Free coffee and tea - Free popcorn in the community room My friends: - My friends always loved hanging out in my apartment; great space, even in the studio - For larger gatherings, watching games on TV or to play pool and foosball, the community room is awesome - Renting guest suites is a great alternative to hotels for out-of-town friends if your apartment is small Other great things: - ALL the staff is awesome. No exceptions. I was blessed with so many smiles and friendly conversations. My advice to all residents: Remember the golden rule. If youâ??re friendly to the staff, they return your kindness 100-fold. - When I had to move before my lease ended, I utilized the option to re-let to a qualified applicant instead of breaking the lease for a fee. The new tenant got to take over my rate and I was completely out of the deal (no hassle with subletting). Awesome! - All my neighbors, whether in the apartments surrounding mine or those I met on the elevator, were friendly and calm (no noisy partyers or annoying talkers) - If you like dogs but donâ??t have one of your own, get your puppy cuddles from all the cool neighbors who do have dogs (I loved this part.) Downsides: I honestly canâ??t think of a single thing I didnâ??t like here. There were times when I would have preferred longer hours for the pool & outside common areas but I understand that noise level and setting aside time for cleaning those areas are important. PS: No. Nobody paid me to write this. If you are not convinced that this place is as awesome as I say, I highly recommend you just go visit. Spend a night in the guest suite. Ask if you can try the gym and the pool. Ask a resident on the elevator how they like it there. Experience it. You will love it.
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The Streeter

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