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1330 E. 53rd Street

Chicago, IL 60615



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
The front door staff makes living in this apartment complex unbearable. They harass both guests and tenets by allowing neighbors to make anonymous noise complaints, wherein the door staff will knock on your door and tell your guests to leave or threaten to call the police. The biggest issue with this type of anonymous system is that it encourages disgruntled neighbors to spam call noise complaints, even if there is no noise, because you will automatically be fined regardless of the merits of the complaint by the front door staff. I have received over a dozen noise complaints for talking in my unit with two people at room level with no music before 10pm, and have been threatened by the hostile front door staff. I feel legitimately threatened by the front door staff, who have no discretion in when to knock on your door for legitimate grievances, and as a result make me feel unsafe in my own "home". It has gotten so bad to the point that I have considered terminating my lease due to the sustained campaign of harassment. I have tried to find a solution with the building management to the harassing anyonymous calls, yet the night staff will still invade your privacy irrespective to the merits of the call. 0/10 would not recommend to anyone due to the overt hostility of the staff, which can be scary at times. The front door staff can be so hostile that they will not allow you to wait inside the lobby, during the winter no less, for Uber. I have waited 5 minutes for a ride in the lobby and been assailed by the front door staff, who state that I must wait outside because "they do not like me" being in the lobby, or in other words they just don't like me. The rent is absurdly high to live in a concrete prison. That being said, the maintenance staff is incredibly kind and willing to help. I have lived in multiple apartments and I have never experienced anything remotely close to this bad. VUE53 is not worth your time.
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Vue53 Manager


Hello, First, I appreciate your coming in and discussing this review in person as well as the opportunity to discuss the issues you have had with your mom. As we discussed in our conversations, the Front Desk team only knocks on doors when they have received noise complaints from other residents. In your case, there were eight noise complaints reported by your neighbors in the first twelve weeks of 2019. In addition to reports of excessive volume, there were also reports of strong smells of marijuana smoke coming from your unit. As you know, the smell of marijuana is strong and does not remain contained to just one unit. As such, when it is smoked in an apartment building it affects many residents. Of course smoking in your apartment, of any kind, is strictly prohibited both by your lease agreement and by the City of Chicago's Clean Air ordinance. The management team appreciates your commitment to moving forward in a way that is in alignment with community living. Provided that there are no more reports of smoking and/or excessive noise in your units, we look forward to you living our the duration of your lease agreement in our community. We also appreciate your offer to remove this review, and the opportunity to respond to it. Sincerely, Jackie Pingel Property Manager

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