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Willow Dayton Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
The people working in the Willow Dayton management office are so unnecessarily confrontational. It really seems like they don't even care about getting you to do something. Whether it's to make themselves feel superior, to take their frustrations of their own lives out on the tenants, or for the simple joy of a power trip, they seem to really crave conflict. I've never been threatened with fines and legal action before, but I can count at least two times that has happened to me here. Mind you, I've never missed a single rent payment or turned it in late. I've never had any complaints from other tenants, and I've never failed to live up to any aspect of my lease. In each case, a specific individual in the office went off on a tirade without giving me a chance to respond or explain. She seemed much more concerned with going off on me than she did with reaching any kind of resolution or agreement. The only other company I could compare it to in terms of terrible customer service is Comcast, but at least with Comcast I feel more of a sense of monopolistic apathy toward the customer than I do outright hostility.
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Willow Dayton Apartments

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