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shipge • Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/22/2009
This apartment has everything. Everything you'd like to avoid!! Here's my list. 1. Thin wall: Literally paper thin walls. I could hear what neighbor was talking and doing or so. Especially at night, it was so annoying to hear what they were doing. Ridiculous!! 2. Ventilation: In the first week of my contract, I noticed that there was almost no ventilation through the vent in the bathroom. The bathroom was always foggy and smells stayed in for a long time. Also, I couldn't hear any fan running. So, I talked to the manager and she said there was no fan attached to the vent from the bathroom but at the outlet. She also promised that she would send someone to look at. After a couple of days, no body showed up. So I opened the grill by myself and found that a paperboard blocked the vent. It seemed to me that the staff didn't pay attention when they cleaned up the apartment because the paperboard was covered by the same paint. I talked to the manager again. She didn't say sorry but mentioned that it was good for me to find it out!! But, it was the end of story. After removing the paperboard, very disgusting smell (like pot or smoke) came through the vent. So, I talked to the manager again. Do you know what she said? She said that might be why the vent was blocked and recommended me to put it back on!! Then, what about the ventilation? Her recommendation is to open doors and windows!! Also, she didn't forget to warn me about mole. If there is black mole, they will charge you a fine even if there is no vent. Lastly, she said that there were planning to put a fan to each vent. That was a year ago. Still no fan. 3. Slow Maintenance: As mentioned in several reviews, maintenance response is really slow. For me, it took three visits to get things done. Let me give you an example. Still in the first week of my horrible 1-yr rent, I found that the toilet was tilting when I sat on it. First, I tried to fix it by myself by tightening bolts, etc. But it seemed to me that the toilet needed to be replaced because its bottom was not flat. So, I talked to the manager who said that they would take care of it soon. Two days later, no body. So I talked to the manager again. When I explained it this time, she said that they couldn't fix it because EVERY STAFF GOT COLD, then she suddenly COUGHED. She also repeatedly said that she didn't FORGET IT, and COUGHED. Then she told that it will be fixed the next day, then COUGHED. So, the next day, it seemed that maintenance people visited the apartment, but what they did was just tightening bolts. So, I talked to the manager again (3rd time). Next day, the toilet was replaced. 4. Cracks, Surfaces, etc.: Around a couple of month before my lease ended, there was a square-shaped crack happened in the middle of ceiling and it seemed like it would fall off. I talked to the manager to figure out that a staff may cause it by stepping on it when the staff worked on the roof. Their remedy was just putting paint to cover it. And they didn't clean the mess in the apartment afterward, so I needed to vacuum. I'm so glad I could get out of it before it falls off. In addition to that, there were lots of cracks and uneven surfaces throughout the apartment. 5. Other stuffs that you may need to be careful when you'd like to move out: My lease started around a middle of Nov. 2008. So, I thought my lease ended at the end of Nov. 2009. I revisited my lease document to confirm if it's correct, but the ending date in the document was a blank. Since I remembered that I was told that the lease term is one year, I supposed my lease ended at the end of Nov. 2009. However, when I informed the manager about my move-out, she claimed that the lease ends Dec. 2009. In her copy, it clearly showed the ending date (12/30/09). So, I went back to the manager with my document. Then, she finally agreed to honor it and I could get out of it as planned. Please be careful when you sign any documents with them. So, I moved out on the weekend before the Thanksgiving, but I didn't return the keys until 11/30/09 because I don't want them to take advantage of my early move-out. The problem is I got a security deposit refund yesterday, which shows my move-out date is 12/01/09 and charged a rent for one day. I'm 100% positive that I returned the keys 11/30 because it's the first thing I did in that Monday morning. So, I'm trying to get my money back from the accounting dept., but they don't answer my calls. Also, they charged $65 for shampooing the carpet, which I've never seen before with my previous apartments and my friends' apartments.
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Idyllwild Apartments

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