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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/05/2011
I have lived here for four years- not because i wanted to, because i couldn't afford to move out. Yesterday(11-4-11) when i turned in my rent check, the only person that works in the office told me that new management bought the place and they are kicking everyone out by 11-30-11. Yes, that's right- i have 25 days to find a new apartment and leave! IN ------- NOVEMBER. The new management is calling the place Fornelli Hall, which i'm including so it pops up in Google if anyone is looking for a review. Although i can't say if the new refurbished apartments that the Fornelli's are aparently hiring contractors to update in the middle of winter will be any better than the old ones, i can say that unless they are completely demolishing the old buildings and erecting new ones, i wouldn't bet on it. I can hear everything the people above me are doing at all times. Last night, they went into the kitchen about four times, watched alias, played some rap music, and then played mario kart until 3 a.m. Here is how thin the walls are: a month ago, someone swung open the hallway door and created a fist-sized hole in my living room wall. Honestly. Also, as i said before, they only have one person employed monday-friday in the office. He is the only one you'll ever get to talk to. He told me when i turned in my rent that i was "hard to get ahold of!". He said he'd knocked on my door during the week to tell me that we all have to move out, but i wasn't home. Yes, genius- i work. He failed to mention, though, why he didn't just call my cell phone- which is the easiest way to get ahold of anyone on earth- or at least leave a note asking me to get in touch with him. This isn't the first time there's been a communication problem with the office. He rarely answers the phone, and often just isn't in the office when he's supposed to be. Other issues include: They had a bedbug infestation recently and made us all buy boxspring covers. They have a roach spraying once every few months where you have to leave your apt from 8a.m. to 5p.m. with your pets, and also box up all your food and move your furniture away from the walls, and if you work 8-5 every day like i do and have pets, this is a big pain in the --- to wake up at 4 so you have time to load up the cats and drop them at a friends' or parent's house and then make it to work on time. If you don't have a parking sticker, or if your parking sticker is outdated, you will be towed at your expense!! That's happened to me TWICE. The office DOES NOT reemburse you or even call the towing company and complain. Maintanance will try to fix stuff but they will just go into your apt without making an appt, and if you are just getting out of the shower when they come in- well- too bad. Also, Maintance consists of a couple college guys- don't expect them to be able to fix anything more serious than a broken faucet. The paint comes off the wall in strips, because the apt's have been repainted so many times, without removing old paint. The showerhead isn't high enough for a 5'7" person to fit under. For the first year i lived there, i kept turning up the thermostat, wondering why it didn't get any warmer- especially since my ComEd bill was over $200 every month! Turned out, the heat registered as working on my meter, that's for damn sure- but didn't actually emit any heat at all. Instead of trying to get it fixed, i have used space heaters for the last three winters, and had to manually find the fuse in the fuse box that was hooked up to the heating and switch it off so i would stop being charged by ComEd as though i kept the apartment at 95 degrees year-round. Also, i'm not even positive where the heat is supposed to come from, since there aren't any vents on the ceiling or walls. I assume the vents are on the floor and have been carpetted over- fire safety 101..? The hallways either smell like urine or skunk weed, which most of your shady neighbors probably smoke. And the neighborhood has gotten more and more unsafe every year since i moved in. Last year, the apt across the hall from me was broken into by a couple guys with guns who were looking for drugs(the people who lived there were dealers- way to background check your tennants, college square.). Also, during this past summer someone tried to break into my bedroom window. I woke up around midnight, thought "what's that noise?", moved the curtain, and saw an african male with a wooden plank wedged into my sliding window. The police said he probably thought the apt was vacant, so ever since then i've slept with the living room light on because i no longer feel safe. There is always only ONE working washer and ONE working dryer in the laundry room. A fun game is to spend all your money and load your clothes into each washer and dryer until you find the ones that work. Because of this, put aside an entire day to do laundry. You will end up going to pull your clothes out of the washer after the cycle ends and discovering the top half of the pile is bone dry, the bottom half sopping wet, and having to try the next washer down. The other issues are all things like, cabinets that are crooked and smell like curry, small water heater so don't expect to shave and shower all in one session, toilets that run or without any suction(flush twice), and a wall A/C unit which is noisy and only works for about an hour at a time, then stops pushing out cold air. That stuff might be fixed with the new ''refurbishing''. However, the neighborhood, the bugs and roach sprayings(never a good sign), the horrible sound insullation, the parking and office issues... i doubt those will be remedied. I reccomend, if you have a car, looking for something slightly farther from campus- like sycamore or rochelle. No one is happy if they aren't happy with their home.
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