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808 Ridge Dr # 4, De Kalb, IL 60115
808 Ridge Dr # 4, De Kalb, IL 60115

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College Square Apartments



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krystalkat13 • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2012
I moved into College Square Apartments when I started to attend NIU. Its proximity to campus makes it attractive to college students. That being said, the area is an attractive location for ALL of NIU's frat houses too. The apartment interior was quiet (as long as the windows were closed), but there were always the sounds of a party going on down the street (or a passing police car every few hours) if you were outside. The hallways permanently smelled of Indian food. Parking is sufficient (though the parking lot is full of potholes). Entrances are NOT secured which led to a lot of unfamiliar faces roaming the hallways. Heating is electric, so expect HIGH electric bills in the winter time (like $200 a month); AC is pretty much non-existent, so be prepared to fry in the summer. There are washers and dryers in the building, but they only tended to work 60% of the time. Our water heater broke not once, but two times, and we were without hot water for about a week, but maintenance eventually got it taken care of. As far as neighbors go, not many lasted long at College Square. In passing, I saw that new eviction notices posted every week. As for pests, well, our apartment was plagued by mice, bedbugs, and roaches. While the mice were never seen scurrying around the apartment, we managed to catch them in traps at least once a week. Roaches were a minor problem as long as you kept your food sealed up. But forget the roaches and mice, bed bugs were the biggest problem. If you happen to be allergic to their bites, you will be miserable! No matter how many times the apartment was sprayed I still got bit on a nightly basis. In fact, it got so bad, that the bugs started showing up in the living room. Even if you keep your apartment immaculate, they travel through the walls from other units to feast on YOU. Worst of all, when you move, you TAKE THEM WITH YOU if you don't clean everything thoroughly. Thank you, College Square. So, the rent may be cheap, the apartment spacious, and the commute to school short, but I would urge to to look elsewhere before you set your heart on College Square Apartments.
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College Square Apartments

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