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College Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/07/2009
What irritates me the most if i have asked for new carpeting in my living room since I've lived here and got nothing. Now as i am writing this, they are putting in new carpet in the main hallways. How lovely. I have no padding in my carpet. It's worn down and with stains SINCE I'VE MOVED IN!!!! It literally feels like you are walking on cement with a think blanket on top. Anyway.. When we moved here they showed us a nice looking two bedroom..MODEL APARTMENT!! The day i moved in i saw my actual apartment and was disappointed. I was missing things and still to this day (Note: I've lived here for almost a year now..) do not have any of the missing items. Who ever owns this dump needs to get there --- down here and do something with this place. This is my first apartment with my family and i feel horrible for having my family move here. My daughter should never have to live in a place like this!!! Some of the reviews say every apartment has bed bugs and roaches. Well since i have lived here i have not had bed bugs so they are wrong on that BUT i have had a few roaches. I clean my apartment everyday as in picking up and stuff like that! I clean majorly once a week and yet these nasty critters come. We have had two mouses. We had to get rid of them ourselves. No one in the office would let us have traps when they have them. And if you have roaches you should call a different exterminator than the one they provide because the one they provide is crappy. They guy is lazy and doesn't spray. He just comes in and looks. It drives em crazy! I am not usually a rude person but ever since i have lived here i have had to ask several people who hang right outside my window to leave but in a very angry way! I ask nicely the first time but after the third something has to happen. The walls are so poorly insulated its not even funny. I hear everything that goes on in the hallways, my neighbors across the hall are loud and the ones above me are loud. Parking is not that bad but there are some not so smart people who park in the emergency lanes because for some odd reason they think they are special! JUST PLEASE TAKE WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN IN TO CONSIDERATION AND DO NOT MOVE TO THIS DUMP! I can not wait to move out!!!!!
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College Square Apartments

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