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College Square Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
Management does not exist, and you are not allowed to contact anyone above the on-site staff. The only contact with any problems in this apartment complex is with office staff. The office staff is continually changing, and normally there is only one English-speaking, knowledgeable person employed (who sometimes you have to hunt down to get your questions answered). The garbage dump IS infested with cockroaches, so DO NOT go digging for useful furniture that another tenant has discarded. I am in a ground-floor apartment, and bugs DO get inside, but if you buy a rubber guard for the bottom of your apartment door (and attach it so it touches the carpet), then crickets and other bugs are much less constant. In Winter, I have not had a bug problem. In Summer, there are occasional spiders, beetles, and ants, but i have not had cockroaches personally. I recommend buying ant/cockroach traps just in case, and putting them under sinks in the Summer. The maintenance staff WILL NOT fix anything wrong with your apartment unless you're nice to them. They are OVERWORKED, and probably underpaid. Our two-bedroom apartment has a broken window and one broken shower- neither has been fixed for the last year. However, maintenance HAS given us a couple screens, a light fixture cover, and unclogged a toilet for us. All we did was pet the maintenance guy's dog, and ask if he wanted a beer. Keep in mind the maintenance staff is made up of REAL PEOPLE. Noise is sometimes a problem, but very dependent on your neighbors. You can hear people in the hallways, and loud music from the apartment above you. If it seems like the people above you are playing music awfully loud for 3 am, call the cops. They're very helpful, and the police will tell your neighbors to shut up for you. The parking is not a problem. Make sure, though, that your parking sticker/permit is in your car. The towing company WILL TOW your car if there is no sticker, and we all know that towing companies are -----'s children, and you will still have to pay the towing charge, even if your parking permit just fell between the seat crack and wasn't visible. I know all these things sound terrible, but for the price and and space of these apartments, i don't expect any different. The benefit of the apartment complex is that it has on-site laundry facilities, and college kids must not wash their clothes because they are usually available. Also, they allow 2 cats/a dog under 25 lbs. The area seems safe, and management doesn't care if you put nail holes in the walls for paintings. If you want an apartment building that lives up to hotel standards, where all of your concerns are taken care of right away, then you should just keep living with your parents. But, if you don't mind having the issues of owning a home while renting an apartment, then give this place a try- especially if you're like me and can't afford a real house. *NOTE: give your apartment a good look on your movie-in date. Turn on the faucets, look inside the closets, flush the toilets, see if the windows open (ours don't), and anything else you can think of. If there are a lot of problems, you can list them on a form the office gives you. If you make a big fuss about your broken shower/ window/ toilet/ fridge on your move-in date, they might lower your rent if they think you're unhappy enough to terminate the lease. There was a mix-up with our lease moving in, and we had to move into a half-furnished apartment. To compensate, our rent was reduced to $500/month, which enough of a discount for us to stick around.
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College Square Apartments

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