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Suburban Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2002
This is for Sub. Estates - Pretty spacious apartments for DeKalb, very old apartments but a good value overall. The maintenance people are ok if you call them like a billion times to fix something, and if it´s not like a leak or something urgent, they will take their sweet time coming if they do at all. There is this one lady in the rental office that can be really really mean, I think her name is Paula. She almost scared me out of moving here! We lived on the first floor, and had a bit of a bug problem, no roaches or anything though. We did have some loud trashy neighbors upstairs that used to throw their garbage down on our patio and stomp all around upstairs. The parking is pretty crappy, there isn´t enough. BUT they are very lax here, and it´s a great place to live if you are just starting out. Just don´t expect to be treated like anything other than a stupid college kid (even if you´re not in school). No air cond, and that sucks big time, bad air circulation in these apts. Some of the bathrooms are very big, you´re really lucky if you can find one of these. Not enough storage space for dishes, etc, and the bathroom only has a small medicine cabinet, and some shelves that aren´t covered or anything. Area is pretty safe. Sometimes it is a far walk from your apt to the car, or to the laundry room (which is very scary). Not usually very good at snow removal in the winter.
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Suburban Apartments

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