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4725 N Martin Luther King J, Decatur, IL 62526
4725 N Martin Luther King J, Decatur, IL 62526

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Bristol Gardens Apartments



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Aflore2010 • Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/10/2011
It started out great. It was our first place and the excitement of being on our own made us over look this place, BIG TIME. For starters, our first trip to the laundry room we started a load went upstairs, came back down 20 minutes later and our clothes were sitting on the counter in the room, drenched. Clearly someone had taken them out mid-wash and therefor we had to REWASH them in the entirely over priced machines when we pay what you do in rent. We let that go, but we heard every single LOUD neighbor at all hours of the day. The people below us, yelling or playing loud music from 6 a.m. and on. The people next door yelling at her kids to get moving in the morning and playing loud music from 9 o'clock and on. Our faucets all leaked, we heard road construction ALL day, the place REAKED of smoke in the bathroom due to our neighbors smoking and it coming through to our apartment some how. Then the deciding factor of why this place was so bad came about. We had family issues in February and spent a few days in the hospital and away from the apartment. We get back 4 days later to both our vehicles gone. It was late at night and the only way to get ahold of management was to wait until the morning. We had a very sleepless night to say the least. We got up and contacted management only to find out, they had towed our vehicles so they could plow because they left a note on our door saying the cars were to be out of the parking lot. (keep in mind we never got this note because it was the dead of winter and our huge snow storm and they decide to just leave it hanging half way in the door and half way out--which is how they leave all notices) So the spaces they towed our vehicles from were not plowed only to find out they towed our vehicles after plowing?!?! We got our vehicles out with nearly 400 dollars in towing charges and my boyfriend went in to talk management because we clearly didn't deserve the vehicles to be towed so they could plow only to tow AFTER the plowing was finished. They basically told him tough luck. So I went in because I KNEW this wasn't right. I'm young but I'm not naive. They basically told me the same stuff, and when I asked for the number of Dominium -the owner of Bristol Gardens- there happened to be a rep in there. When the rep asked if they had called to notify us that our vehicles were going to be towed, they looked like a deer in the headlights. No, they absolutely had not called and let us know, had they the vehicles would have been moved. They ended up paying for the initial towing charges and first night but would not pay the last 3 (50 dollars a day for both cars). Had someone from Dominium not been there, they would have NEVER done it. We just got our deposit back after moving out, and we got a whole 13 dollars back from our initial deposit. They charged us a 60 dollar carpet cleaning because we had our own carpet cleaner and we couldn't show proof of a receipt for the solution that we have had for years. We got charged 50 dollars for dust on the fan and a shelf. And they made us pay a power bill we had shut off two months prior to our lease was up because they had the power turned back on (80 dollars). Needless to say, it was the worst place to live ever. It may be pricer and in a "nicer" neighborhood, but it's the same ------ you get in a bad neighborhood. Kids running around everywhere with NO supervision and yelling loud adults. The place is a joke.
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Bristol Gardens Apartments

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