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Woodcrest Apartments

3903 E Camelot Cir

Decatur, IL 62526



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SomeOtherPerson • Resident 2001 - 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I lived here for 2 yrs. The lady who was there was a great lady, but the one who replaced her is a scammer. In those 2 yrs, we accidentally spilled bleach on the carpet by the washer. The max size of the stain was about 2 feet sq. When I decided to move, the manager, who still manages the place now 2005, told me I owed her $500 to replace the carpet & that she already had it replaced, that it came all the way from the warehouse & all the work had been done already. "All carpet we use is shipped directly from our corporate warehouse. We have calculated the charges based on the worksheet required from our corporate office.<br>The amount we calculated is correct and is the amount you owe." I asked to see receipts, she produced one that was not itemized & could have been made by anyone. She wrote: "I already mailed you the disposition on the account itemizing the charges and credits as well as the Master Cost of Repairs Worksheet that you initialed at lease signing and the Cost of Repairs Worksheet for Pro-Rated Charges which corresponds to the carpet addendum you initialed at lease signing.<br>There is nothing else required.<br>Again, I will need a payment plan by<br>Thursday." Then she threatened to turn the account over to collections to affect my credit.<br>June rent thru 6/5/03 110.00<br>Damages to carpet 491.92<br>Total charges unpaid 601.92<br>Less security deposit 250.00<br>Total due 351.92<br>"I need to know your plan for payment. If we do not reach a payment agreement by Thursday, I will be turning this over to collection." -- that's what she wrote.<br>I had my lawyer contact her & she changed her story, stating that she hadn't gotten the job done yet -- "I think you'll be happy with this news. Last week, our district supervisor was in for a visit. While he was here, I relayed to him your concern about the carpet charges. He wanted to see the damage so we took him in to the apartment.<br>Since [name here] had not yet installed the new carpet, he wanted me to recompute the damage charge since he wanted to cut out and patch the hallway with a piece of the same carpet out of the closet. We had this done by [company name here] on 7/10/03 and I received the bill for it today for $85.00.<br>We had not previously charged you for the dented bifold doors (washer/dryer closet) but our supervisor said we need to charge you for the replacement of those. We keep them in stock here--the cost for 6' bifold doors is $50.00.<br>We will be taking $135.00 out of your security deposit. The net effect with these different charges and credits to your account will mean a $6.14 refund which I will request our home office to send you. <br>I can fax you a copy of the disposition, the cost of repairs worksheet and the carpet bill if you give me your fax number. If I do not hear from you today, I will mail them to your home address."<br>She is a major scammer. You have to watch out for her. I don't know if this place still belongs to Aspen Square Properties, but they need to replace her.
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Woodcrest Apartments

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