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1744 East Oakton Street



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2002
I sit here with the advantage of not only being a former tenant but also a former employee of a company that managed this property at one point (yes, this property was one of my jobs). I have lived in many different places and this apartment complex is the worst. <br> <br>I will start off with the positives. The apartment location is in walking distance of many restaurants, gas station, retail stores & medical offices. The neighbors while I lived there were extremely friendly and everyone knew each other. The end units (101, 201, 106 & 206´s) are extremely large one bedrooms (eat in kitchens & ceiling fans) at approx 1100 square feet. <br> <br>That is as far as the positives go. The apartment complex is ran down. The apartment windows are warped and leak badly. The ceilings in the 1744 building (2nd floor) are failing apart due to a roof that is shot and leaking in. The garbage disposal don´t work. Parking is a total nightmare as there are not enough spaces for everyone to park that lives in the complex. The complex is california style so the mailboxes are outside. There were many times when someone broke the box open and people would have to go to the post office to get their mail. The police were at this complex almost on a daily basis and the FBI have arrested some tenants in the 1774 building. There also had been a lot of drug dealing going on while we lived there. Also, the drive way is one way U shaped lot. Many people go the wrong way from blind sides of the apartment at high speeds. I am wondering when this will kill a tenant leaving for the day. <br> <br>The absolute worse part we had with this complex is: <br> <br>1) There have been 4 management companies since 2000. The complex has been sold to a new owner and no one can find our payment history. Nothing seemed to get done. This is probably because of all the problems. <br> <br>2) The 2 management companies we lived under were snotty, unresponsive & a pain to deal with (one company hired her sister to manage the property and 3 months later fired/kicked her out). <br> <br>3) There are washers and dryers in the basement that never work and take money. The owner would never return phone calls so people lost money & were forced to go to the laundry mat acrosss the street. <br> <br>4) We had to get an attorney involved before we moved out because the walkways were rebuilt to wood. The management company threatened to do this while we were moving out. <br> <br>The owner only pays water. The heat and stove are electric so the bills in the winter are $200 (that is when the electric is not going out...which it did a lot during the spring-fall months). At $750 plus the electric in that bad neighbor?. <br> <br>PASS ON THIS ONE. DON´T WALK, RUN!
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1744 East Oakton Street
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