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Fox Pointe Apartments



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jade55 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
I lived there for a year, i moved in with out really shopping around to much because i was just so excited about moving out and getting my own place. but i was so misserable my entire time there. they showed me an apartment that had new carpet and looked great so i signed a lease then i got one with brown shag carpet that smelled all the time. the floors wernt level so like my bookshelve would fall. i could hear everything my neighbors did. it is primarly idians and african imigrants that live there with no resecpt for anyone. also tons of college kids who partied all the time. my hall way always smelt like pot. I also had a suage problem. i woke up one mornign and my bathroom was covered in ----. I never really felt safe there because my first week living there i witnessed a guy chasing a younger woman with a knife around the grounds. the laundry room is a joke u have to walk to another building with ur heavy bags even in the winter and its expensive. the sliding glass door would never lock. the people on top of me had rotting plants that leaked onto my balcony. there were tons of spiders, whenever i cooked the smoke alam would go off. i always felt dirty there. the air conditioner sucked ---. the winter was pipping hot also. and i have never recieved my mail from those people. im still waiting on my w2's that got sent there and they say they dont ahve the the post office said it was delivered to them. DONT MOVE THERE! ITS CHEAP BUT THERES CHEAP OTHER PLACES TOO!!!
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Fox Pointe Apartments

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