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Lake Pointe Apartments



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
The biggest problem with this community is the lack of parental supervision. This summer I saw two five yearly girls sitting in the middle of the road playing with their toys, without any sign of a parent. and when I say right in the middle of the road I mean right on the road where ALL traffic moves next to the fifteen mile sign. "no parents at all" I have seen children ride their scooters in front of moving vehicles again " no parents to be found" Some one needs to act on behalf of the safety of those children so thanks you Deb for being a parent when some parents won't. Safety; people with a felony are not allowed on the property per hud housing regulations not Deb, no drug offenders, sex offenders exc. if you want that life style go to Colonade. again thanks Deb for enforcing a safe rules. I have been here for almost 2 years and I am not afraid I keep to myself watch my son life is fine. Yes appliances, carpet, and blinds need to be updated but what is more important them making sure my electrical panel gets fixed or replacing my carpet, making sure my heat, air unit works or new blinds. There are three people here for all these apartments,they have to maintain the apartments they are great hard working people but not superman. keep your children under control and they might find time to change out our carpet. Thank you Lake point staff. "PS they have fixed my electrical panel and heaters"
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