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Burton Grove Apartments



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Briwill1 • Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/13/2019
I've had roaches since I've lived here, six months. Surrounded by nasty neighbors. Whom you can hear in their apartments also, including all their dogs. Even down to a text message. I imagine this is how loud a prison would be. You can hear EVERYTHING. Dog feces everywhere. There's no repercussions for tenant not picking up after their dogs. Garbage overflows out of the dumpsters on the regular. My guess is because there's no recycling so hey dummies, that means there's gonna be more garbage. But they won't pay for more trash pickups. The people on the first floor are the worst with the dogs. They pretend that's their own private back yard and let their dogs out unleashed. Who I've swatted at to stay away from me because they're all mean small dogs. This also means their poop is all over because they let them out freely to poop and let them back inside. It's disgusting I let my dogs out and no matter the direction I always wind up stepping in poop. Oh and that reminds me, they don't salt or shovel. Sometimes the front stairs yes. The back ones, no. Want a settlement? Come fall down the back stairs because they won't pay the immigrants to shovel the back. They shoveled the front this morning, no salt. You're gonna fall in the parking lot too. On your ten minute walk to take your trash to the overflowing dumpster. They are so far away I'm sure this is a contributing reason people won't pick up poop. Maintenance shows up unannounced early in the morning (not told day or time) to fix something I've been complaining about for 45 days. Leaking sink. Ring left in dish next to sink, was gone when I came home. That was $90 thanks. But the roaches are definitely the problem for the past six months. Even saw one in the pool swimming. Only went once! It's never open until you ask her to open it. Like a child. I can't wait to leave. Worse than any place I've ever lived. And I lived in bad neighborhoods in Chicago. That says a lot. Overpriced roach motel.
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Burton Grove Apartments

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