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Burton Grove Apartments



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tmacfarlan • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2006
After passing their credit requirements, not without hassle all the way(I was approved to buy a home for 180,000), I was told that they still had to run the background. Now mind you I asked to see the apartment I was going to be in and they told me it was to be ready by the nex monday. After having items scrutinized through my backround(events that in a criminal court of law could not convict me) Paraphenelia..In a friends car, not mine, proved in court not to be mine. They turned around and questioned my credit again after finding there were no legit background issues. The ovesive manner of this rental community was quite apparent to me at this point. I again asked if I could see the apartment and again told it was not available to see. They decided to rent to me only if I paid twice the quoted security per persons who pass credit. Now funny to me a few people I knew who had lived in the apartments had had a nightmare trying to get there security back, most of the time settling out of aagravation at only recieving half, regardless of how nice they left the place. At least they tell you upfront that your pet deposit is not refundable at all. I showed to much interest in the property and they decided they would take a try at sticking it to a young couple who were just starting out. Now I have lived at several different apartments with the last seven years and have never felt like I was dealing with a car salesmen while leasing an apartment. I have read some of the other reviews on here, and to the most part I would agree. The property is nice. The grounds are kept. But the staff is ignorant and leaves much to be desired. Burton Groves owners need to lok into getting the professional staff needed to run such a nice piece of property. But who knows how nice it really is? I mean these are the same staff you would have to call, say you had an issue or emergency. Use your own gut on this one. Dont fall for fak fascades
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Burton Grove Apartments

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