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Burton Grove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/31/2008
If anyone is seriously considering to rent an apartment at Burton Grove apts they should expect to deal with noisy neighbors. People who own 2 pitbulls and almost every house owns two dogs. Almost 3 nights out of a 7 day week dogs have been barking all night long. Management does a poor job monitoring noise levels and the grass. Tenants do not pick up their dogs waste and it is absolutely hard to walk in the grass without stepping in ***t. In the actual unit you can hear other people turning on the showers and urinating in the toliet. You can literally hear the water, the toliet flushing, the water turning on and off. You can also smell other tenants cooking their food, especially the -------. The oven and stove are all electrical which makes things worse. Parking is an absolute nightmare because people park anywhere they feel, and if you threat to call the tow truck company you can end of paying for the tow if the person all of the sudden moves their car. Living in Burton Grove is for people who do not care about this living conditions. Management seems to care only about receiving rent money.
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Burton Grove Apartments

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