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Cypress Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/23/2016
We didn't have many issues when we first moved in, but I have to say, our last year here was abysmal. The first issue has to do with the amount of intrusions. 4-5 times a month, we find letters on our doors that our apartment has to be inspected for one reason or another. Really? I understand that we are renting, but there is no reason you need to come by that often. They usually give you one-day notice, and give you a huge 8-hour time frame over a couple of days when they 'may' stop by. During this time, they also always ask you to contain your dog in some way. The residents here are very pet friendly and most people do not have a kennel to put their dogs away (given the size of most of these apartments, there's not a lot of room anyways). If you expect us to have our dogs tied up, at least give us a couple days notice so we can arrange for them to be somewhere else. The second issue has to do with the office staff. The property manager has to be one of the rudest people ever. I came in one time at 5:30 to pick up a package (they close at 6) and she looked at her watch angry like I disturbed her as she was trying to leave. Calm down. All you're doing is grabbing a box. I can open the door and get it myself if it bothers you THAT bad. This is just one small example - I can think of a lot more if space allowed. Third issue, as many said, is the air. Last year, it didn't get turned on until late May...and then broke three times during the hottest weeks of the year. I came home and my apartment was over 90 degrees and my dog was panting like crazy. Seriously? You keep fixing this old air system but it keeps breaking. Maybe time to get a new one? Fourth issue was noise. I get it - apartment living isn't the most quiet. But I knew everything about my neighbors because it is paper-thin. Not to mention the crappy dry wall job - our ceiling looked like ocean waves. Fifth issue is rent. Constantly being raised with no additional perks. I paid every single month on time - if not early - but none of that matters to these people. They just don't care about any of their residents. They want the money but do nothing for you in return. Sorry this is long. I didn't want to write a review that says "don't rent here" but give nothing to back it up. So in conclusion...don't rent here :)
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Cypress Place Apartments

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