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Cypress Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2013
Here is an honest review... I have lived at cypress place for 2 years. I love the neighborhood and grew up around here. I love the location and it is safe for families with children or pets. There are pros and cons to every apartment that you are going to live in. It is hard to take these reviews seriously because so many people write them when they are mad and attack the staff for small problems. Let's face it...we live in an apartment complex, with many others and many other buildings. All of our problems can't be fixed the minute that we call and the property manager isn't the best at getting back to your calls. Yes, last year the air conditioning went out but they worked hard to fix it. The property manager doesn't always know there is an issue until someone calls, so it did go out a second time, but she had the guys working on it asap. It was around the same time as most of the villages were losing power, so remember when you are reading some of the reviews...we weren't the only ones out of power. The maintainance guys are amazing tho and they respond fairly quickly to emergency situations. Unfortunately I have had water damage to my hallway ceiling and walls multiple times each summer due to the AC draining vent getting clogged. Although they have responded and fixed the problems within 1-2 hours of calling the office...they did not fix the initital problem so I fear it will continue each year. They also did not replace the drywall in my hallway that I took pictures of mold on. They spackle and repaint. I had a neighbor above fall asleep with her bathtub running and I came home to a major flood in my apartment. Luckily, nothing of mine was really ruined...my ceiling in the hallway was replaced, (since it was on the floor in pieces), but the walls in my hallways again were just spackled and painted. My carpets were shampooed that night and I spent the week at my friends place with my cats because of all the mess, time it took to repair and the stale odor. Since I was told that I techinically could still be in my apartment, I was not compensated for any time that I chose no to spend in my apartment. The carpets were still dirty, so the property manager had them washed again. I was thankful for her help, but I would have preferred that the carpets be replaced as well as the molded drywall in my hallway replaced. They workers left garbage in my apt, my toilet seat up with pee on the floor next to it and dust everywhere. I had to completely clean my apt before moving back in. I don't blame the property manager for the workers behavior, but it would be nice to have a supervisor come in and check the work when it is finished. I have never been one to complain, but we don't get any ammententies and after everything that I've quietly put up with over the last 2 years, they are raising my rent again...another $40 (which I was given a written notice that I had 6 days to decide if I want to renew my lease or not). They are unwilling to assist me with my rent payments and $907(including $20/month for my cat), plus all utilities are too much for just one person. Unfortunately, I will be unable to afford to stay here. On the plus side, parking is good, garbage is close by. Hallways are brightly lit and just redone. Laundry rooms are within the same building and usually pretty open. Washing and drying is $1.05 each and unfortunately the only place to put money on your laundry card is in the office during open hours (which is difficult for those who work multiple jobs). They also offer you $50/year towards a gym membership or pool membership since they don't offer either. You are allowed to have pets and most of the other residents are pretty friendly! Walls are a little thin, but the noise level is tolerable. It is clean overall, never seen any infestation of any bugs, cockroaches or anything of the sort in my building, besides those box elder bugs that are everywhere all of the sudden. Overall, I would recommend this apartment to others, just be willing to fight for what you want, which I should have with the moldy drywall. And be prepared for rent to be expensive...
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Cypress Place Apartments

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