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1717 Apartments



Resident · 2018 - 2020
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Office Staff
Do your future self a favor and rent at any of the other truly lovely buildings in the area instead of at 1717, like I wish I did. 1717 claims to be a luxury building but I found it was really just luxury prices with substandard and embarrassingly unsatisfactory service. Based on first hand knowledge of competitor buildings (I know people who work at competitor buildings) it's clear that 1717 has much lower standards for service and maintenance in comparison to competitors. Maintenance requests have no clear time frame for expected completion, (48 hour standard strictly enforced at competitors) emails go unanswered (extremely rare elsewhere), or often when they are answered, they are answered incompletely, incorrectly, or incoherently (entirely unacceptable at other management companies). The inadequate service has been an issue all throughout my 2.5 years here, from my very first minutes as a resident (they had the wrong apartment ready for us when we moved in) to the very last. Some recent examples in the past 6 months - we had a major leak at the beginning of September and they've given it no more attention than the 5 minutes after it happened so now it smells musty and could be moldy, our microwave broke and it took 12 business days and 2 follow up emails for them to spend the 15 minutes it took to replace it, and once they tried to get everyone to use a reservation system for amenities during COVID, but then didn't reply to any emails about it not working and everyone just went wherever they wanted without a reservation anyway. There are hundreds of other similar instances. It is almost guaranteed you can get a better apartment, better service and overall have a better experience at every high rise building in Evanston in comparison to what you'll get at 1717. I am shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars to break my lease (even though I have a willing subletter that could save me almost all of this money) simply because I am so looking forward to not having to deal with this building anymore and out of my experience with 6 different management companies in the Chicagoland area including several notable ones in the city proper, the 1717 management team was the worse. We've been a stellar tenant by their own admission, making reasonable requests for maintenance and paying rent on time. Lesson learned - don't fall for the lower prices or just the space, because you'll get what you pay for.
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1717 Apartments

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