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John Evans Building



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/22/2009
Lived here Sept 2006 - Sept 2007. We had every kind of pest imaginable! Mice that could climb up onto the kitchen counters, massively huge roaches in the bathrooms and (once) in our silverware drawer, spiders, centipedes, ants... ick!!! It also had that always-dirty-no-matter-how-much-you-clean-it vibe, especially the linoleum kitchen floor, which looked nearly as old as the antique stove - 6 burners (2 worked) and 2 ovens (1 worked... too old, they don't make parts for them any more so they couldn't fix it. We briefly thought about buying them a new stove and pocketing the extra money we could have had from selling an antique like that on Ebay.) The hallway smelled strongly of fermented cat urine. There is underground parking (I think it was $80/month... not bad!) but the parking garage is VERY tight, the space was TINY, I could hardly open the doors enough to get into the car (though there were a decent amount of HUGE spaces where people could store things in addition to their cars... luck of the draw i guess), and it's all painted red and yellow like some crazy, creepy funhouse with no light. Also, my bedroom was completely covered in wood paneling. (Not bad, just really ugly.) AND it was VERY, VERY COLD in the winter (Ramon told us it was because we hadn't closed the storm windows.) PROS: Our apartment was GIGANTIC... HUGE high ceilings, TONS of storage space. Great location, and excellent price for that kind of space in Evanston. Also, a TON of light... we lived in one of the units on the end (#401), so we had big windows on 3 sides!! Ramon (Maintenance) was also great!!! He fixed everything in a very timely fashion. Though once, when our stove broke while we were baking cookies, he told us we should finish baking them in the microwave... which was hilarious. After we had to PROVE to him that wouldn't work, he brought up HIS OWN toaster oven for us to use! The oven randomly started working again after that but it was VERY nice of him. Wish I could say the same of the building manager. She was not too pleasant to deal with. BEAUTIFUL COURTYARD!!!!!!! Though they were starting some renovations on it toward the end of my time there. Also, construction across the street started shortly before we moved, so I'm not sure how bad that got. Also, apparently the top floor was built after the rest of the building, so there was NO NOISE from our neighbors. It sounded like we were the only ones in the building!! There is a laundry room, but the room itself and the surrounding hallways are so creepy that after the first time I used it, I storyboarded and later shot a short suspense film down there. Unfortunately, I was reading "----- and the White City" at the time, and it reminded me of the uber-scary hotel the murderer had built to kill his victims. All in all... I can't say "DONT LIVE THERE!!!!" because it wasn't awful. But I couldn't leave the recommendation at 100% on here. After all, if the Cold War eventually manifests, you'll be safe in the fallout shelter in the basement (There's a radioactive sign on the front of the building directing you there.)
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John Evans Building

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