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John Evans Building



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/30/2009
Do not live here. Yes, they're really cheap for their location but seriously your getting what you paid for, the location and NOTHING else. The Owners/management care nothing about the well being of their residents. When you move in you're asked to sign a waiver saying you know the place has lead paint. They mean it. And the wavers are because they will happily rent apartments to young couples with toddlers who eat the paint, and as long as they've got a signed waver they're off the hook. They COULD strip the paint which is so thick and cracked and that 2 months after a fresh coat its already cracked again, and falling off the walls in chunks, but its cheaper not to. And who cares if some kids get lead exposure, their parents signed a waver. They are THAT kind of management company. The best thing about the place is the Janitor, Ramone. However, the poor man is expected not only to do all the repairs by himself, but to also repaint the apartments when folks move out, show apartments to prospective renters, vacuum the halls daily, shovel the walk, etc, etc, etc. He's completely overworked. He needs help but the company that owns the buildings is milking every penny, so things continually fall through the cracks. (To compare, the other buildings in the area of about that size have TWO janitors, hire outside staff to turn over the apartments and do any major repairs, bring in cleaning staff once a week, etc. Poor Ramone is expected to do the work of 5 or 6 people). And the lady at the management office is easily the most abrasive woman on the planet. If you try to complain about the state of things she'll threaten you rather than address your concerns. The building has mice, cockroaches the size of small dogs, mold growing in the walls and around the heaters, lead paint in the walls, etc. I lived there for a year, until I couldn't take it anymore. In spite of HATING to move, I found another place a block away that was more expensive for less room ... but SO worth it. When I first saw 1600 Hinman I was excited by the big rooms, high ceilings, lots of light, lots of space, wood floors.... and then I got slapped in the face by the reality. If you live over the alley, be prepared for the STENCH off the garbage cans from the two restaurants and the sound of the garbage trucks. The parking garage is in what USED to be the bomb shelter, that was converted to a garage --- badly. The spaces are tiny and if your driving anything larger than a smart car getting around in there is test of your driving skills. And LORD help you if someone has left their car out in the driving area cause there's no room to pass them. There's a laundry room, but its down in the basement, where its dark, dingy, and just down right scary. If a woman got attacked down there no one would hear her screams. There's an elevator but its TINY, was mandated by the city because of how many floors they had and put in retroactively. The kicker is your NOT allowed to use it to move ANYTHING. If you live on the top floor your expected to do your moving via the stairs. In winter my apartment would vary from 30 degrees to 100 degrees, depending on if the wind was blowing because the windows looked to be original to the building. I hear that after I left the building manager finally replaced the 100 year old windows with something insulated. Of course this wasn't because they started to care about the residents so much as free heat is in the contract, and with the much higher cost of natural gas, it was finally cheaper to finally do some serious upkeep than just let things continue to fall apart.
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John Evans Building

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