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Pepper Valley Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
I personally have lived at Pepper Valley for over a year and I think this website is getting a little ridiculous. People keep on going back and forth just to get one another in trouble.If someone feels a certain way, no one can change that just b/c you tell them too. Personally, I think that Sandy is a great office manager. I think that she has always been extremely helpful and nice to the tenants that live here. I have expereinced that first hand. I disagree with maintence.. I don't think that the maintence is that great and I agree with a previous renter.. He creeps many women out that live on the grounds. If women have a problem with it they should go to the owner personally, not just talk about it. Again, I think this is a lot of back and forth.. If people have problems with people than they should go talk to them. This website is about the apartment and the grounds. Not about people and gossip. I think that Pepper Valley is a great place to live and is a safe place. It is affordable and I do not regret living here. Most people mind their own business and that's the way it should be!!
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Pepper Valley Apartments

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