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Parkside Estates

248 Robert Ct, Glendale Heights, IL 60139
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$1,050 - $1,275/mo



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Resident 2007 - 2008


Prejudicial and rude

The manager of this property makes living there pure hell she's very prejudice and very rude this apartment is not worth 950 a month let alone 1125 they really need to evaluate there staffs issues and professionalism otherwise they'll never keep long term occupants



    Parkside Estates
    I am the NEW manager at Parkside Estates. I want my residents to feel that this is their home and stay for many years. We are an equal housing community; there is no discrimination at Parkside Estates.
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    Resident 2008 - 2011


    Not what you think.

    This place costs more than it is worth. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have never chosen this place to live. I have never been truly happy with anything here. The only thing that makes me feel alright about staying here is, it is not forever. The managerof the building is cruel and unprofessional.

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      Resident 2007 - 2011


      Great Place to Live

      I have lived here at Parkside Estates for quite sometime. It seems to me that the review recently posted has got to be a joke. Never had any problems, Patch and painting can take sometime for them to get around to but it usually is done within 2 weeks of calling. Parking when the place is full can be a challenge, that is if you come home really late at night like 1:00am. If the apartment complex was as bad as stated noone would be living there.

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        Resident 2010 - 2011


        NEVER again!

        If you care abut cleanliness and safety I would NOT recommend this apartment complex to anyone. On our move in day they tried to move us into a filthy apartment, carpet was dirty, dusty, had stains, and had cigarette burns everywhere. We had to move everything into the kitchen just so carpet cleaners could come and fix it. The blinds were covered in orange-yellowish filth and half of them were broken...and the ANTS where everywhere, tons of them...They tried telling us there wasn't an any problem. The bug guy had to come out there twice and we still had bugs. It was so bad that management just told us 'you obviously can't be please and if you think the ants are bad, wait until spring time when you'll get spiders and other bugs to' so they let us break our lease after only 3 months of living there. And then they stopped sending the bug guy to come over and spray for the ants. After we moved out they tried to charge us for a dirty carpet- ha! I guess they can finally admit the apartment really was dirty when they moved us in because we noted that on the… See More>
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          Resident 2006 - 2009


          Love it here!!

          My husband and I moved here after many years of being home owners, didn't want to mess with all the stuff that went with that anymore! We looked at many communities, couldn't get this place out of our minds. They actually look "better" than the model you are shown. Very nice for the cost. Seen some real "dumps" for more. Been here 3 years and have actually checked out others and can't imagine moving. The ladies in the office are very friendly and helpful! Maint. guys are fast and friendly, it would be hard to believe they only treat our building great! I would recommend Parkside Estates to anyone wanting to spend their money wisely!

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            Resident 2007 - 2008


            It's ok

            I am going on my second year of living at Parkside. There are some really nice aspects of the apartments (washer/dryer, 2 bathrooms, and big rooms.) One of the biggest issues I have had is the parking lot (it floods whenever it rains, my car was totaled due to the rain overnight.) The complex also advertises it as cable ready but our outlet in the living room is broken and the office manager basically said to just live with it (she says hers is the same way.) Our dryer also gets water in it if the people below us do laundry and we don't have the door open (once again the office management says hers does the same thing.) I have filed a work order request but the maintenance man said it was condensation (condensation does not leave a puddle.) If the office management was more competent then it would be a great place.

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              Resident 2008


              Better Than Most

              I've been here for three months and I really can't complain. The women in the office are nice and always say hello, or at least wave when you see them around the complex. The apartments are huge. I almost don't have enough furniture to fill it, or enough stuff to put on the walls. Having a washer, dryer, and a dishwasher is great. The kitchen is enormous, as well. You would be hard pressed to find a kitchen like this in any other apartment. The appliances are decent, although, I'm sure it varies from unit to unit. My dishwasher and washer/dryer seem pretty new. The fridge is starting to show it's age (produce seems to get funky really fast in it). The stove is probably getting up there in age, as well, but it works just fine. The apartment was VERY clean when I moved in. There was no evidence of any real damage, just the usual wear and tear you'll find in any apartment. What I really like about this place is the fact that there are windows on both ends of the apartment, which is great for getting a cross breeze- something I've never had in an apartment. I… See More>
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                Resident 2006 - 2008


                One of the best places EVER!!!!

                My husband and I have been renting for over 7 yrs now. We have been at Parkside for 2 yrs and we love it!!! The new office staff isn' the best but Cathy was AMAZING!!! Clean complex and the really check into who is moving in. Worth the money for sure!!!

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                  Resident 2009


                  Beautiful Grounds - Spacious apartments

                  This is the best apartment complex in the area, in my opinion. It is safe and clean, and very quiet. The huge room sizes make one feel like they are in their own home. Closets are very ample. In the winter, the gas fireplace makes the living room glow. Oversized windows and patios keep the sunshine in and make the units bright and airy. Washer and dryer in unit is great, and built in microwave is full sized. Maintenance on site 24 hours a day is great. I think you will love it here.

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                    Resident 2005 - 2006


                    Landlord is a joke

                    i occupied one of the apartments at parside estates in glendale heights for around 18 months, and all i have to say is that Kathy Sanders can burn in hell along with her gay children...this mutant of a woman had the nerve to charge me $900 dollars for new carpet when i left. The problem is...there may have been one or two stains and/or cigarette burns in ONE SMALL PORTION OF THE APARTMENT. The rest of the apartment was mint. This creature acts like she is your best friend but then turns around and charges you more when you're not looking. Shes money hungry, fake, unhelpful, and pissed off at the world because all her son's are homosexual. Unless you plan on walking on egg shells for your entire lease, DO NOT RENT FROM KATHY SANDERS AT PARKSIDE ESTATES IN GLENDALE HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS!!!!

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                      Resident 2001 - 2003


                      stay away

                      this was the worst place i ever lived in. my 1st floor apartment had tons of bugs and flooded 4 times with three of them being raw sewage comming up out of the sewer drain. the parking lot looked like a lake when it rained( i measured 9 inches of water one time and another i flooded so bad it came in the patio door. management is very bad and the place needs to be updated. i would stay away at all cost

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                        Resident 2003


                        Not What I Expected

                        I am currently living in Parkside Estates and I wouldn´t recommend it. With low rent comes the trade off of low quality neighbors (had to call the cops on one occassion). The actual units are nice, but the views are awful. The worst part is the lease. You can not get out of it between October and March even if unexpected circumstances come up.

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                          Resident 1991 - 1992


                          I lived at parkside about 11 years ago, I lived on the 3rd floor. I believe they were brand new at the time. I was very pleased with the apt. I liked the separate kitchen and i liked having my own washer and dryer in my apt. I dont know how they look inside now and if they keep it as nice as they did 11 yrs ago. I dont think they allow dogs they didnt at the time i lived their thats the only thing that is a negative. That was my favorite apt in the glendale hts area and still is.

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                            FREE HEAT & HOT WATER. Two full bathrooms in the 2 bedroom apartments. In-unit laundry with washer & dryer. Workout room with exercise equipment. Each apartment has a gas fireplace,private balcony or patio. Combine the style and comfort of our beautiful apartment homes with uncompromising service and the convenience of our prime location, with easy access to major expressways, shopping and the train, and you have Parkside Estates. We offer the best value for your money!
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                            Parkside Estates

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                            Parkside Estates is an apartment in Glendale Heights in zip code 60139. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,275. Nearby cities include Carol Stream, Bloomingdale, Addison, Wheaton, and Glen Ellyn.

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