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Stonegate Apartments



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jenkirk02 • Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/22/2005
This was my first "real" apartment on my own and I loved it...for about the first three months, then someone moved in upstairs (must have been an elephant) and I could hear every step he made at 3am. I had to call the cops numerous times on my downstairs neighbors who would have shouting matches at all hours of the night and had their apartment condemned for weeks for whatever reason (I hope whatever it was didn't affect me but I was never given a straight answer). The steps rocked as you stepped on them and were cracking badly...I was scared I would fall down them. The water heater was set way too high so when you took a shower you'd get scalded at key moments. The patio door had a gap in it so big that it would freeze shut when it snowed. They decided to move the laundry card stations to the office so when you decide to do laundry you'd better hope you've got money on the card or the office is open. Long story short...by the time I left (for an apartment 250 sq feet larger for the same price) I was no longer in love with the place like I once was.
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Stonegate Apartments

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