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The Monroe Apartments

1400 N Oakmont Dr

Glendale Heights, IL 60139



  Verified Resident 590833
vrp · 2011 - 2019
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Office Staff
I have been living here a very long time and I've always liked it here. The new management company has made many poor changes over the last two years, but it's still a nice enough place to live. Some changes are: inadequate low flow toilets that clog multiple times a week, public restroom style faucets, removal of the jacuzzi to add more mailboxes, (presumably to reduce staff, very greedy) all phone calls to the office are forwarded to an off-site answering service, and I have never once received a resolution or a call back, you need to go into the office to actually talk to someone, and even then they will often tell you to use their app. Hours have shortened and office is closed on Sunday's, they removed the rent drop box, painted hallways from very bright color to very dark and dingy color, and definitely very worst of all, a huge ugly dog cage in the middle of a bunch of dog filled apartments. The barking from the dogs in the cage is bad, but listening to the neighbors dog barking all day at the cage is unbearable. Out of the thousands of people in this complex, it's always the same ten or less people that even use that cage. Have called in many complaints asking office to tell neighbor to shut his blinds or cage the barker, but still no response or change to the noise. This huge aggressive dog is left alone from 7am-7pm just barking and howling, perhaps staff is just completely ignoring the issue. The other day I sneezed inside my own home in bed next to the window on a quiet rainy day and the dog immediately started barking and clawing at the window downstairs. It is extremely disturbing. I wonder what would happen if I just screamed and howled out of my window all day every day. I will start calling in police for the noise disturbance soon, it has been 5 months of barking already. Also, I called to report an unattended bucket of cigarettes on fire on the porch down there, and it was still on fire an hour later, very surprised about that but suppose I should have called FD first. Office staff has never once passed anything along to maintenence as far as I can tell. Office staff should please work on their poor communication and general performance. If the demand is that all communication be done through your very limited app, you and the few remaining staff left will soon be completely replaced by this app. Anyway, after 18 years living at this community, not sure if I plan to move due to the excessive barking noise, but have been considering moving to a quieter complex where staff is more easily reachable. Thanks for reading.
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The Monroe Apartments

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