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Former Resident · 2020
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I've been living in my apartment for two years now a, the company itself switched owners/ companies a year ago in which I was never contacted for a new lease or any type of communication besides a flyer asking renters to address checks to a new management company. I had water damage from my upstairs neighbor since I moved in I told the old company they didn't take care of it and in hopes of this new company taking over I reached out to them. At first they were very nice and understanding they said they would send someone to check it out. After weeks of no one coming by I called again at that point I was directed to the janitor in which instead of them trying to asses the problem they turned things over on me. The janitor was extremely rude over the phone almost yelling at my for not making contact sooner. I had to cut this guy off and state that I had called several times that someone was suppose to come by and nothing. This problem was mentioned in beginning of 2019 (kitchen water damage) fast forward to March I now have water damage in the bathroom. I've called several times as well in which someone came to put tape over the hole and said after their vacation they would come back to fix it. It's been 7 months (oct4) I received a call from management (sandy) to renew my contract, I asked her when someone would be coming by to fix the issues in my apartment before I decided to fork over any more money. She replied saying she had no notes of the current situation and she has zero evidence of me making contact with the company. I have cameras that have visual and auditory in my home in which I told her well I have cameras I have zero problem presenting this to you so you can address the miscommunication between your company. Instead of her addressing my concerns and understanding why I wouldn't just sign a new contract with a company that can't even keep up with basic maintenance she started to get aggressive and agitated when I mentioned not signing. She was extremely rude on the phone saying it wasn't her fault or her problem that no one showed up to fix the issues. She only pushed on the money side and contract side she said she needed me to sign before anything and I refused I told her I had zero problem doing a month to month contract but I would not be signing a full year lease with a company that has poor communication skills, terrible management, horrible paperwork system/ administrative work ,zero type of responsibility or urgency and on top of it all instead of her addressing my concerns ( water damage in bathroom literal hole in wall from tiles falling off) she called me rude for feeling like I wasn't being taken serious and hung up on me. I asked her for anyone's number ahead of her position since clearly they're all a little overwhelmed. I didn't appreciate them not having any backlog of my calls I didn't appreciate her being extremely rude especially dealing with a situation as delicate as money in a time as hard as these. Horrible management
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