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Glendale Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2014
I am literately the only white person. The landlord gives me a hard time because the fact that im white... no joke. He told me I couldn't have my dog living with me (he is still living with me idc), but EVERYONE in the building has one. I heard the landlord sleeps with women in exchange for rent if they can't pay it. There are roaches everywhere, I had to bomb the apartment 4 times before moving all of my stuff in. The carpet was so bad I had to pay out of my pocket to get it changed because there where piss and ---- stains everywhere and the landlord OR WHO EVER HE IS (JOSE) wouldn't pay to change it. I didn't have a working stove for a month and the fridge broke two weeks after moving in and he didn't get a new one until 2 weeks later. This place is a mess but I couldn't afford anything else. Theres no lease so as soon as I find another place im out of here. gangs, and drugs are around every corner. They yell and signal each-other if they see the cops coming from the balconies.
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Glendale Terrace Apartments

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