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Barrington Lakes Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2005
This new management is a complete and utter joke. <br><br>I loved this place when we first moved in, now I cant until my lease is up.<br><br>I pay my rent on time (usually a day or two early), every month, for the past 3 years. Since this new management company took over, I have received 5 day notices on my door TWICE. Of course, they tape it to your door so everyone can see it and read it. When you come home and see that note, or if you are already at home and open the door and see it, your heart sinks and you think.did I forget to pay the rent???? Then you run for the checkbook..I did pay the rent, and the check has already CLEARED. Then I go on-line and print out a copy of the cancelled check and bring that along with the note that was taped on the door to the office. When you confront them about it, all they can say is SORRY. Well, sorry doesnt make up for everyone on my floor thinking that I dont pay my rent.<br><br>The parking situation is atrocious. We have resident stickers, and should be able to park closest to the building. WRONG. There are probably about 5 cars out there right now that do not belong in those spaces. Will they be towed as the signs suggest..NO. Not to mention the people who do not know how to park, or open their car doors without banging & denting the car next to theirs. The parking lot lights do not work half the time, and the walkway paths are extremely poorly lit. When you complain about dimly lit paths, and let the office know that you do not feel safe at night walking to your home because of this, they act as if you never even mentioned anything. Are they just waiting for something to happen, and for someone to get hurt before they make these changes? <br><br>The walls are very thin and you can hear your neighbors on both sides, above, and below you.<br><br>We were told that if we signed our lease renewal early, we would receive a $300 resign bonus, which would have been great. We were told that nothing had changed in our lease, which was again, great. Signed the lease, signed the pet agreement, then noticed that there was a change. Added in the pet agreement was a new $250 pet renewal fee. Where in the world did this come from???? This was a new policy that started that day (how convenient). Our $300 resign bonus was now only going to be $50, and we are now stuck for another year. Are they trying to make up $ for the two fires that have been here in the past year (1 was in my building), or for the renovations they are making to some apartments? This new rule should have been posted, and tenants notified before it went into effect. It has been a month since this happened and it was finally posted today in the October calendar that was left in front of our doors.<br><br>What else could be worse, how about the smells that are now in our hallways and coming thru our walls, and the non-stop chanting that goes on. Apartments have recently been rented to certain people who have a different way of cooking & using spices. The hallways REEK with stench. Complaining to Dawn is like talking to a brick wall, if you can get her to call you back. Today, come to find out, that an apartment in our building is infested with bedbugs, and has the same ethnic tenants (as noted above) on a different floor. This infestation has worked its way into the hall and other peoples apartments. The office is aware of the problem, but doesnt seem to care. They also overload the washers & dryers with so much clothes that the washers & dryers cause the fire alarms to go off because the motors burned out. We had a fire in this building once already due to someones stupidity, something like that could start another fire. The firemen that responded to this washer fire could not believe how packed the washer was. There was probably about 3 loads of laundry packed into 1 load (statement from a HE Fireman).<br><br>I also do not understand why anyone in the office will not give you any information on the new management, Group Fox Inc.. Are they scared that we are going to go over their heads and let the management company know exactly how their office workers treat their tenants.damn straight. <br><br>Their attitudes towards their tenants need a complete renovation before they renovate any more apartments.<br>
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Barrington Lakes Apartments

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