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Barrington Lakes Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2005
Living here was an absolute nightmare, and moving out was yet another nightmare. First of all, the place is a fire trap. In the time I lived there, one building was completely destroyed by a fire, and another building had a fire that destroyed one end of the building. My own building constantly had false alarms, and one day, after several false alarms had us all standing outside waiting for the fire dept, a maintenance man came around and said, "The alarms aren't going to work for the next few days; if you need help, call 911." Living in an old, 36 unit building with no working fire alarms seems to me like it would be against some kind of code. Cars were broken into in the parking lot on a somewhat regular basis, the tenants were, for the most part, very ------, and the washing machines and dryers were not only gross, but constantly broken. Also, when I first moved in, I moved in to the scent of gas; I had a gas leak in my apartment.<br><br>I had a one bedroom apartment, and the people above me had the exact same apartment. They had four adults up there, plus a baby, and the noise level was absolutely intolerable. I complained and complained, and even though these tenants were surely in violation of their lease, nothing was ever done. After a whole summer of no sleep, I told them that I would have to break my lease, as I simply could not live under those circumstances. They agreed to let me move out, but only after keeping my security deposit, charging me $1500, and then having the nerve to send me another $400 bill for routine maintenance that my security deposit- along with my other $1500- should have EASILY covered. Charging me a hundred dollars to vacuum the place? Come on. All because they would not take care of the neighbors above me. In my opinion, the management company is simply trying to make up the money they lost on the building that caught fire, and it is unacceptable to treat your tenants that way. Not to mention, the rent is astronomical compared with nearby places; originally, I thought paying this much to rent would mean that a lot of the "riff-raff" would have been kept out, and that I would have been able to, at the very least, sleep at night. Guess not.
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Barrington Lakes Apartments

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