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Steeple Hill Condo Association



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/04/2013
Where do I begin? I grew up in Chicago and never experienced all the crap I've experienced here! Me an my fiance moved to Steeple Hill to be closer to our jobs. It looked beautiful and I was so excited to move in. The first couple nights I couldn't believe how much noise there was. Guys outside shouting and fighting. Our storage unit in the basement was broken into. most of our things were trashed an thrown around. Then about a month later someone shattered my car window trying to break into it. The management constantly shuts the water off Mon-Fri without warning. SOMETIMES they put up a sign but most of the time they don't. New years eve we were coming home with our 2 kids (3&6 y/o)and 3 gang members came up to me an the kids (mind you Im female 5 ft tall)an started throwing up gang signs an shouting whatever bull they declair. We have a drug dealer living in the unit next to us constantly bringing in strange people who don't live in the building. Some family walks their PITBUL with no leash INSIDE of the building. Whenever I call the office they say there was nothing they could do. I've called the office, I've made police reports. The police station is just a parking lot across from the complex yet they never show up just to patrol. I'm trying so hard to get out of my lease and get out of here. If you have a 2nd car GOOD LUCK finding parking. If u have 1 car keep the tow truck company on speed dial, these idiots do not understand you cant park in assigned spots!
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Steeple Hill Condo Association

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