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jerrys • Resident 2001 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 03/25/2004
I agree with the last writer this area has totally changed in the last couple of years, except on one point. The reason Steeple Hill has gotten so much better in recent years is primarily due to the fact that it has gone from almost completely renter occupied, to about 50% owner occupied. People who own usually take better care of their stuff. This big demographic shift may have been the result of the new management, so I guess I kind of agree with you on that point too, but I think it also has to do with the reforms in the real estate market, and the high price to rent in the area. <br> <br>Remember Donald Trump: Location, Location, Location. The real secret of Steeple Hill is that it is basically smack in the middle of Schaumburg and not far from the nicest part of it. Most people are suprised to find that Steeple Hill is technically in Hoffman Estates- it´s actually an island with Schaumburg to the north, south, east and west of it if you look on a map. <br> <br>And because it´s in the Schaumburg zipcode of 60194 and pays some Schaumburg taxes, you get full access to the Schaumburg Library(one of the 10 top largest public libraries in the US), their school system, and other freeloader goodies. <br> <br>I agree that the new management has been doing a very good job and I have also seen large increases in home value that have greatly beaten the general market of Schaumburg. <br> <br>Best Part- the pool is fairly large and really well maintained in the summer. <br> <br>Worst Part- Parking is the weakest point. Two spots is good for the 1bd folks, but not the 3bd folks that have to fork out extra for a third pass. <br> <br>I recommend this as a starter home- there are a lot of young families here. You see a lot of young children playing outside which is a good indicator of the safety levels. <br> <br>I don´t recommend this if you are racists- while there are plenty of whites(myself included), there are a lot of -------, ---------, Asians, and even some ------! Lock your doors and run to the suburbs even farther to the west!!! <br> <br>If you´re not a racist, you´re welcome to join our neiborhood community and help us continue to improve it. And join us as the most important investment of our lives appreciates and we laugh all the way to the bank at the racists! <br>
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Steeple Hill Condo Association

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