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Colonial Village Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
SO its that time again where my boyfriend and I are looking for something new.. After looking and looking we decided to look at colonial because they were fairly CHEAP when we rolled up I almost wanted to not even go in because how much they look like a prison from the outside..but I still went in to take a look. Now..I never listen to reviews till I see with my own eyes. I was Disgusted with how these young girls my age on how rude they were! Both of them! They don't even show you the model, they give you a key and say "oh its right down the hall". For all they know I COULD have done a lot of damage to that place..ANYWHO...the apartment was not too bad, we looked at a two bedroom the kitchen was huge but looks silly when the living room and bedrooms are tiny. Then we went back in the office and she goes "so what did you think" I said they are all right..since we are running out of time on finding a place, she said fast well there's only one left in your time frame so I need a holding fee..application fee..and IT HAS TO BE DONE HERE.. UM really!? I DON'T KNOW WHAT the HELL we were thinking but we went with it..we got accepted and she wanted the security deposit ASAP without even showing us our exact place! Yah I dont think so. So We said no were not staying there..Then the Wench says they aren't giving me my 100 bucks back for the holding fee.. SO She puts the PROPERTY MANAGER ON THE PHONE, and she was wayyyy out of line. I told her you all have attitude problems..and that i will be contacting a lawyer! Anyways..sorry this review is soo long but seriously,seriously,seriously if your looking for cheaper more affordable price i should say THERE'S BETTER OUT THERE..Please do not let these wenches' poor management.. If you don't listen to this review and go in..Do NOT let these people walk all over you TREAT THEM HOW THEY TREAT YOU.. Thanks! *Oh yeah they charge you 40$ more if you want a lake view..fyi its more like a tiny dump stream*
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Colonial Village Apartments

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