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Colonial Village Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
Finding parking after 9 PM near your building is a nightmare. You have to wait for someone to leave if you want a spot nearest to your building. When you move in and you receive your lease, you are provided with a paper listing the rules. One of the rules states that you are allowed to have 2 unassigned parking spots with up to 2 vehicles only, abandoned vehicles or vehicles with expired registration will be towed at owners expense. I have a 1 bedroom apartment. The maximum vehicles limit for 2 and 3 bedrooms may be more. However, they do not enforce this rule. I have called the office more than a few times to complain about this issue and some of their staff denied that such a rule exists. They claim that they tow away cars that do not belong there but I have never seen it done since I have been living here. When my neighbors have friends over for a party their friends park in the lot right in front of the building and no one has been towed or received a parking ticket. When my car was in the shop and I had to borrow my father's car for a few days there never was a parking ticket issued. My brother has lived in this apartment complex longer than I have and he said there is an old rusty car in the parking lot that has been sitting there for years and it hasn't moved. Many of the staff live in these apartments and get a discount on their rent so it is possible that they may not be enforcing the rule for their own personal benefit but I cant confirm that. However just because they live there and they dont agree with the rule, doesnt entitle them to have more vehicles than they are allowed to have and inconveniences other tenants. The hallways should be inspected by the Illinois Department of Health. The condition of the carpet in the hallways is horrible - the carpet is dirty, it has big spots in it, it is usually never cleaned unless people call to complain and it needs to be replaced. The hallways also smell of urine that dogs and cats leave on the carpet. When you call to complain the staff give excuses for why no one inspects the common areas of the apartment buildings and cleans the carpet without having to be told that the carpet needs cleaning. The elevators are dirty, needs remodeling, and at one time did go out of service a lot. Only the landscaping outside is well kept. The units themselves are OK, but you may need to ask for a replacement of old tile in the kitchen that may be yellow and dingy. You also may have to complain to get any work done because one of the guys in maintenance they sent over tried to argue with me that the tile in my unit was OK and didnt need to be replaced. Only after I complained to the office about his opinion, they decided to put in a work order to replace the tile.
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Colonial Village Apartments

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