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Colonial Village Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2010
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Office Staff
I lived here for five years. Here is my take: Positives: Location is GREAT, close to highway, close to airport, close to shopping malls and other shopping. The rent is below average for the area so you'll save a lot compared to living in similar sized apartments close by. Their rent is usually 1-200 a month less than comparable size 2brs in the area. Negatives: The apartments are all fairly dated, with many not being remodeled in 10-20 years so they all show their age. Also, the AC units are old and inefficient so I actually bought my own window unit and used it because the old 20+yr AC's they had ran me 100 a month in power. Parking is a mess, not just the fact that you have to part in the large lot on the E side and walk if you get home after 8pm (it's the only lot that never fills up), but there are a lot of abandoned cars in the lots that haven't been driven in years. Literally cars with 2 or three flat tires and expired registration from years ago that should be towed but never are so they don't enforce any real parking rules. It also makes the place look really run down with all the non-running rusted out flat tire cars. Also, the elevators break a lot. Also, I'd caution you that when you move in and move out take a TON of pictures of your apartment condition. They WILL try to scam you out of most of your security deposit for normal wear and tear. I lived there 5 years, when I moved in the carpet wasn't new, but they tried to charge me $400 for "carpet replacement" and I'm a very neat person who never spilled anything on the carpet. Clearly they were just trying to pocket some extra money because the carpets were as good as when I moved in and being at least 6yrs old anyway that is the expected life span of an apartment carpet.. I had to send them a certified letter, copies of my photos, and threaten to take them to small claims court to get my full security deposit back.
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Colonial Village Apartments

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