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Burton Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/16/2004
I lived here for 6 months and overall it was so so. the management was nice for the most part and pretty reasonable, however, there was room for improvement. they hired a security service to patrol the grounds and they seemed to do nothing more than converse with the residents that they appeared to be friends with. my water was shut off at least half a dozen times without warning and this caused me to be late to work as i could not shower. the residents for the most part didnt bother me directly, however, the EXTREMELY loud music that was played on a nightly basis did keep me awake. im talking bass that rattled the dishes in my cupboards from the parking lot. there was also a LOT of drug use. i constantly had people siting right outside my window smoking pot. because of this i had to keep my windows shut 24 hours a day and run my single window unit air conditioner to try and keep it cool in the summer. overall however i would say that if you can stand the loud music and people doing drugs out in the open by your front door dosent bother you then its a pretty reasonable place to live as far as price goes.
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Burton Place Apartments

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