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Burton Place Apartments



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hfimek • Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/23/2007
my hubby and i lived here for a year in 2002. yeah the studio apt was dirt cheep. my husband (who is white) was hassled by the cops walking into the builidng numerous times due to them assuming he was only there to by drugs. they wouldnt belive we lived there. not there even 2 weeks someone tried to break into our apt. the susceded geting into a vacant one down the hall. we had a crack head across the hall that would try and get in our unit when his wife/girlfriend whatever locked him out. i would be stuck in my apt for hours because i was afarid to step over the passed out man infront of my door. they turned the water off for no reason for days at a time with no notice. managment promised to fix a bunch of stuff when we first moved in. they woudnt respond to a matience call to save thier life. on top of all of this when my dear hubby joined the navy to get the hell out of that slum, they refused to cancle our lease. which they had to by law. they wouldnt give us back our depoist since we were breakign the lease a month early. WTF? so we left anything and everythign we didnt want in the place when we left, didnt give them keys back or do a walk out. lol we had a squater living in there. (found out because of my power bill). we even left the dirty dishes in the sink. must have stunk to all hell when they got in there "after our lease was up" a month later. they were slum lords, and anti military. plus the units themselves were small and nasty. if you want to live in the middle of a cops eppisode fine by me. but i have been in projects that were better than this complex.
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Burton Place Apartments

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