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Burton Place Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/19/2008
I moved in in 2007 and since then i've had my car broken into(for a basketball!) and my comcast cable stolen. Someone broke into the main box and switched my cable line to their apartment so they could get cable for free! I told management, and told them what the cable guy said, and they didn't believe me cuz the person that stole my cable has lived there for a few years. The management didn't seem to care at all. When are car was broken into, they didn't care at all either. there are little teeny boppin "thugs" running around all the time. There's loud bass music from the parking lot at all hours of the night. I can hear the people above me having sex, loud stomping, and loud music all the time. I haven't had a problem with bugs though. That's one good thing about this place. I am sick of them shutting off the water to fix it. They shut it off today for 4 hours. Also, there's a problem with always getting hot water to shower. Parking is good if you get home on a weekday between 3-4pm. If not you're pretty much screwed. you have to park quite a ways from your door.
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Burton Place Apartments

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