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Sanctuary of Lake Villa



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
This is the second time I have lived here, liked it so much here when I moved back in town from Florida, this is the first place I called. So, im speaking on experince of living here twice. Office staff are great and very helpful when I moved in and after. Maintenance staff are just as great. If your need is an emergency or not their very fast. I've never had an issue but, if it's not an emergency and takes a few days or more, give them a break, there are a lot of apartments here and they respond fast as they can considering that. The complex grounds are ALWAYS kept nice, no garbage, nice grass & plants and lots of trees, very well maintained. If there are a few dog droppings, that's because of lazy tenants not picking up after their animals. Why rip on staff for that? Lawn crew picks up every week what others don't, which I'm sure cost the owner more when the tenants should do it in the first place. Your allowed to have 2 dogs here...any size which is hard to find when renting and only one dog owner per building so it's not like a dog park for those that don't have them. The pool is a decent size, nice patio and with nice chairs. If your looking for olympic laps then go to the gym. It's a pool and well maintained. There is also a free workout room too. It's free so for the person who complained about cleaning spray being empty sometimes, go to walgreens and buy some lysol wipes...be prepared on your end ya know...just in case. About 99.9% of the time I get to park right in front of my building. If not, there is always a space close by. The buildings are very secure and I ALWAYS feel safe. People only have access to the building they live in, no others. The entrance and hallways are always clean. This complex property is set back, only people living here drive/walk through. Makes it a peaceful feeling when you get home. Someone mentioned the walls were thin and you could here everything. OMG! That is so far from the truth. The walls and ceilings are very thick. I never hear my neighbors nor do I hear people entering or leaving the building when the door closes. I live on the first floor and work night shift so I would be the first one to know about that. I never hear above me walking or hear people through the walls, neither time I lived here so it's just not quiet neighbors, it's a well built building. And I have had my TV and music up and no one complains...that's because they can't hear me from their apartments!!! I hate calling this an apartment, it's more like a townhome feel. All of the rooms are huge, even the 2nd bedroom. The bathrooms are about 10 x 8 foot.... Love that!!! Tons of closet space, granite counters in the kitchen, a lot and big cupboards, dishwasher, sink disposal, separate laundry room in each with real washer & dryers not the stackable ones, nice window blinds not broken or missing so when you drive through it doesn't look nasty from the outside like some places, fire place, large patio with an outside storage closet that you don't pay extra for. There are extra storage units you can get or a garage if you need it too. Monthly rent is affordable and greatly priced for what I get. I mean, you get what you pay for and I totally feel my rent is worth every penny. Prior to the first time I lived here, I searched all over Lake County for places and mark my word, this is the best place to live if you need to rent. Plus like I said, I can have my dogs here with no prejudice to size. You can tell the owner has put a lot of time and money into this place and you can tell he likes to keep it nice for existing tenants and new ones. When you move in, you can barely tell anyone lived in it before you. I have heard horror stories from friends who own and rent to people on the way they leave things when they move out. So, to criticize what you might have to pay when you move out, well that's all in how you leave it. I myself am glad the prior tenant may have been charged a carpet shampoo...because the carpet was like new when I moved in. Small price to pay when other apartments I lived in I had to shampoo to have a piece of mind that it was in fact clean. Here, you know it's clean when you move in. Keep in mind you're renting, just paying to borrow something from someone who takes pride and care of their property not only for himself I'm sure, but for the next person to occupy it. When I moved out of town the first time and left here, I had NO PROBLEMS at all. I guess as a renter, I treat the place as if it were my own therefore, I had no issues. If I rented from you, you'd want the same respect. Bottom line, if you scrap or put holes in walls, ruin blinds, break things, stain carpets etc...I'm sure you'll have to pay to fix it, because I'm sure it wasn't that way when you got it. Common sense people!!! For the record I am a real tenant and not a staff member or someone writing this post for them. To back my word, I'd even meet you at the office to back up everything I'm saying if you come by to check the place out. Respond to this post with a time...I'll be there!!! Sorry' won't leave my number on here, I'm sure anyone can understand that. :) The sign says luxury apartments when you pull in and they are just that!!!
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Sanctuary of Lake Villa

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