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Sanctuary of Lake Villa



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
Please take my warning seriously, when I saw I do NOT recommend these apartments to ANYONE. I've lived in many apartments over the year and with my job I have to travel from place to place. So I've experienced a lot of different apartments and living situations. However from all of these, these were by far the WORST. First, I had ants all year around! This is the first time ever i had ants during the winter! I didn't even know this was possible. Now I take my apartment clean. I clean it every sunday since i can be bit of a neat freak. However the amount of ants i got especially in the kitchen area NEVER went away no matter how much I cleaned. I've never had this problem anywhere and the office staff was no help at all. Not only this but they maintained the exterior of these apartments very poorly. The hallways had a weird foul smell that never went away. I had to hold my breath each time i exited my apartments or had to go check my mail. I was very concerned about this smell entering my apartment long term. They had a HUGE insect problem outside (and along with my ant problem and occasional cockroach inside) it leads me to believe they do not have pest control regardless of what the office staff told me. If they did proper pest control i cannot see this being as large of a problem it was. Also, they did not properly maintain the rule to clean animal litter. Thus you had to be very careful when you walk in the grass. The walls were very thin and the foundation of the apartments looked poor. I was able to hear almost everything the people above me said and I am sure they were able to hear everything I said which is very concerning knowing that people i do not know could be listening on my very personal conversations. And don't let me get started on the office staff. One of them was very helpful, however the manager they worked under was HORRIBLE. She was of no help what so ever and unfortunately you have to go through her through many of the decisions. All she cared about was taking your money and didn't care about tenets at all. When I moved they charged me for rent, electricity, and added an extra billing fee for standard 7 days they needed to clean the apartment and make ready for the new tenet. This is something all apartments do; however, they do NOT charge the previous tenet for rent, electricity, and billing fee for this time. I mean these are days that the previous tenet is not legally allowed to live in their apartment and have to move out beforehand. So why are they charging their previous tenet rent, electricity, and "billing fee"? I talked to the manager about this and you can tell just how little she cared. She just pointed to the contract which said previous tenet has to pay for everything until the lease ends. But excuse me? the lease ends when the tenet moves on and NOT during their 7 days of cleaning where the tenet isn't even legally allowed to live. So my advice to people that have no other choice but to move in these apartments is to be VERY careful of the contract wordings. They WILL rip you off with it's wording. This is something I've NEVER had to deal with any apartments i've lived before since they actually cared about their tenets. However these people do not. After my call, they were not very pleased and even went on to add an extra $35 fee for a carpet spot? when i received my security deposit. How did this spot suddenly showed up when it wasn't in the bill they sent me? I can tell you they just added it on because I tried to fight their ways of ripping off their tenets. And tt this point I knew these guys do not care about their tenets at all and try to find every way to steal the smallest amount of their money. So again please save yourself the trouble. Gurnee and lake villa have some great apartments else where with I'm sure far better management and better prices. These apartments are over priced for what they are worth and will leave you with a bitter experience.
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Sanctuary of Lake Villa Manager


We are very sorry you were unhappy at The Sanctuary and have had a bad experience regarding your move out. The Sanctuary is built adjacent to a beautiful wetlands area which includes wildlife, birds and insects as part the beauty. Our pest control service visits the property every month of the year to service requests made by residents and the common areas. We offer a personal online account to each resident where service requests are submitted to the property. Our residents who have experienced ants have had them eliminated in just one or two treatments once a service request was placed. At The Sanctuary we understand that each resident has different needs and circumstances. However, we hope you respect us for following our contracts and agreements with each resident consistently. Breaking a lease early is a difficult decision for a resident and we do try to work with each resident within the confines of our agreements. We also send out correspondence regarding move out at different intervals to keep you abreast of your statement of deposit. Possible charges are discussed and noted at move out inspections with each resident and are sometimes priced and billed later than our first estimate. We want nothing more than all of our current, past and future residents to enjoy their stay at The Sanctuary. We will use our skills as a staff to improve The Sanctuary in any way we are able and appreciate the feedback.

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Sanctuary of Lake Villa

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