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Landings of Lake Zurich



Resident · 2008 - 2013
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Office Staff
The parking lot: Positive: The lot surface is in excellent condition. Ample handicapped parking. Negative: The parking lot is inconvenient(accessibility)to most residents, poorly lit, and poorly maintained during the winter. I, and several other residents have slipped on the icy lots on multiple occasions. Do not rent on the W side of the complex (facing the lane/lot), the noise from vehicles passing from one lot to the other is obnoxious and omnipresent. There are no designated off loading spaces at the entrances to apartment buildings. Shop wisely. Sidewalks: Positive: Surfaces are in good shape. Negative: Poorly maintained in the winter, very ICY, be careful, especially around downspouts. Noise: Positive: I'm still thinking. Negative: Dear God the trains are noisy (one per half hour). The Canadian National(CN) freight line traverses the North lot line of the complex. I lived in the middle of the complex, and the whole building shook each time a train passed. Not into the shake, rattle and roll lifestyle? DO NOT move into the N half to 2/3rds of the complex. Lake Zurich High School is directly North across the CN freight tracks. If you don't mind listening to the band practice, and to the PA announcements of football and soccer games, you should be okay. If you like it really noisy, rent an apartment facing the pool. The doors on each landing slam so hard they can be heard/felt throughout the apartment. I understand fire codes, but dampening the doors is in order. Multiple requests to address the issue went unheeded. Apartments facing the lane connecting the North and South lot on the W/side of the complex live in noise hell. The lane is a virtual echo chamber/wind tunnel. You would do well to avoid this area. Grounds: Positive: Tastefully landscaped, and well kept. Residents do a good job of picking up after their pets. Great curb appeal. Negatives: Still thinking. Safety: Positive: A safe complex, nestled between swamps to the South and West, Lake Zurich High School, and the CN freight line to the North, and an industrial park to the East. Negatives: The lots are very poorly lit. I always cringed when I saw children scamper into the lot from between parked cars. Be VERY CAREFUL when driving, cover your brake, and have your head on a swivel. Did I mention that the lots were treacherous for travel (ICY) (vehicle or on foot) during the winter. Construction: Positive. Great Curb appeal and the interior has clean lines. Negative. Cheap fixtures, flooring, and carpeting...faux wood floors have seems wide enough to support golf tees. Wanna use the fireplace? Forget about it. Management offers free one hour classes on fireplace navigation...okay I'm exaggerating. Fireplace ignition: Step 1 Open interior gas line by turning gas line key. (Do not lose key) Step 2 While on your hands and knees remove faux logs from hand operated igniters. Yes, the igniter is located beneath the faux logs. Step 3 Open interior fireplace gas line at gas line dial/igniter. Step 4 Push dial to ignite released gas. If the fireplace does not ignite repeat steps 3 and 4 until you are either successful, or are overcome by leg cramps. Step 5 If you are able to ignite the fire, CAREFULLY replace the faux log(s) into the now active fire and close the spark screen. To turn off the fire, close the main gas line on the wall outside of the fireplace with the gas line key. (Do not lose the key) My apologies if I left out some steps, I only used the fireplace twice over several years. I used it the second time, because I had forgotten what a pita it was to use the first time. Insulation: Beyond terrible in the winter. Budget extra for utilities. I placed towels at the base of both the entry and deck doors. Hallways are not heated, you will battle the cold flowing through the door frame. Do not rent an apartment facing North, please. All window frames and seems leak like Edward Snowden on a whiskey jag. Maintenance: OUTSTANDING! Verne is the best, he should be running the show. I can't say enough about the current (2013) staff. I'm glad they fired the one creepy dude in 2012, his replacement is outstanding.. A lot of rumors about creepy dude's activities, I just hope they got all his master keys back. Not to fret, he's gone. Unlike management they are courteous and professional...in fact I believe they would do a much better job managing than the current management staff. Management: Overall impression. Haughty, officious, and badge heavy. I won't mention names, because if you move in, it will become readily apparent in short order, of whom I speak. Like I said, if the maintenance guys ran the complex, problems would disappear overnight. One resident I know (moved because of job transfer)laughed when she first laid eyes on her 'luxury' formica laminated residence. They are doing phased updates, for a price of course. She contacted a certain badge heavy denizen of management to request a microwave, and spray faucet fixture for the kitchen sink. She was curtly informed by 'management' that she could have one or the other for her 'luxury apartment,' but not both. My advice to prospective residents...KEEP LOOKING...you deserve better.
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Landings of Lake Zurich

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