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Landings of Lake Zurich



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
We moved to the landings from another HORRIBLE Equity apartment just before the Landings changed ownership back to Lincoln Properties. At first the office staff was TERRIBLE after the change - the previous staff seemed to be GREAT. I went to the property manager with a problem and was told that my problems were not a priority for her, she was too busy. Needless to say, she is no longer there and now things are much better!<br><br>I haven't had much experience with the maintenance staff with the exception of Troy, he's great. He fixes things fast, is helpful and knows what he's doing. Even paid for pizza for all of us at the pool this summer! I can't say enough good things.<br><br>The grounds are generally in good shape, with the parking lot getting repainted and sealed this summer it looks even better. Things could stand to be landscaped a little more and watered more, but overall it's great. Parking is more than adequate where I am at, but in a couple of areas it looks like it is lacking just a bit.<br><br>The garages are expensive, but spectacular! It's great never having to leave the building to get to your car. There is plenty of space in them as well.<br><br>The apartment itself is very nice and everything is in good working order. I must say I would like the A/C to be a bit more powerful since I am on the 3rd floor - it runs a bit more than I would like to see and doesn't genuinely get the apartment as cool as I would like. Heating is nothing to write home about, nor is it something to complain about. Apartment stays pretty warm so far in the winter without the heater having to run too much - I keep the blinds open during the day to get the warmth from the sun in.<br><br>Water pressure isn't as good as I would like to see, and there is no microwave supplied - every other place I have lived supplies one over the oven. It's great having a washer and dryer in unit. Apartments are very well lit, with high ceilings creating a very open feeling. The balcony on my 1 BR (908 sq/ft model) is way too small. Overall the apartments themselves are spectacular and I have no real issues with them, I'm very happy!<br><br>The people at the Landings are generally appear to have a high income (of course with rent being quite high) and consist of divorcee's with children, younger couples, or retiree's. There are regulars at the pool every week and everyone generally are friends and hang out together on the weekends, sharing food and drinks with each other.<br><br>There is only 1 dumpster/trash compactor for the complex, but as long as everyone takes care of their trash, it isn't a big deal. It's better than having numerous ugly dumpsters strewn throughout the complex.<br><br>The grounds are well lit, and feel very safe.<br><br>The "Business Center" doesn't even have a fax machine - just a single computer that is only available during business hours (not a big deal for me, but for others it is). The fitness center could stand some improvements - some new equipment would be nice, though I believe they are in the process of replacing the equipment that is having problems. They do have free weights, which is a rarity and very nice!<br><br>Overall the Landings has a couple of shortcomings, but all the good things outweigh the bad by a tremendous margin. I highly recommend the Landings to anyone!
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Landings of Lake Zurich

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