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Landings of Lake Zurich



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
Do not move to the Landings! One block from the Landings Apartments is subsidized housing for the poor. The ------ is next to St. Francis De Sales Church on Buesching Road. There is a big disparity in what the rent is. The Landings rent per month exceeds well over $1500 per month for a two bedroom apartment, while people in the subsidized housing pay only eighty dollars to $150 per month. <br><br>I have met those tenants and many of them are on welfare because of mental illness. People from this ------ have been seen at the Landings parking lot at night. The Landings put out flyers last summer about the break-ins and warning the tenants to lock their doors. <br><br>In addition, tenants in the buildings steal newspapers every day. Also, water deliveries are stolen by other tenants. <br><br>The inept help in the office of the Landings are aware of theft as they have put out the flyers. The Lake Zurich Police are aware of thefts, also.<br><br>The heating and ventilation in our apartment was so bad that we had to leave the air conditioning on even in the winter or else we felt suffocated. <br><br>There were bugs infesting our apartment. The Landings knew about this because they were spraying for bugs frequently. They were coming in from our patio. <br><br>This is a high-rent, low-class, cheaply-run apartment complex. There are no elevators or garbage disposals in the buildings. There is only one overflowing, disgustingly smelly and filthy dumpster for the whole complex. <br><br>Because of low flow toilets, our toilets overflowed constantly. We had to use our plunger daily. Our neighbor complained that the single woman living above them entertained men very noisily in her bed constantly. Living below us were three single women and one man who nightly drank and screamed on their patio below us. They slept in a dirty apartment on mattresses on the floor. <br><br>According to the Lake County Sheriff''s Sex Offender Registry, as of last summer there was a sex offender living in the Landings. <br><br>The ladies' locker room had no shower curtain for a whole year, and the inept help said they did not want to pay for a shower curtain.<br><br>You are risking getting raped, robbed, and lied to by the Landings if you even consider living there!
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Landings of Lake Zurich

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