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Country Villas



Resident · 2004 - 2012
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Office Staff
DO NOT MOVE TO COUNTRY VILLAS IN LISLE. I broke my lease to get out of Country Villas. Yes, it's that bad. I lived there for almost 9 years and watched as it continually got worse and worse. Everything that I have seen mentioned in other reviews is true. Meth lab raid, drug raids, fights, open drug dealing and use...I've seen it all. Here's a breakdown of some of the issues. STAFF...Horrible. When I moved to Country Villas the property manager lived on the property. She was a bit selective as to who moved in. Basically, if you didn't seem like someone she would want as a neighbor then you weren't going to live there. She was let go about two years later, and there has been a steady stream of different managers since. Some last as little as a few weeks, and all are worse than the last. The current property manager is arrogant, condescending, and just plain snotty. If you need something done then your best bet is to just go into the office. Don't bother calling and leaving a message, as she is not going to return your call if it something that she does not want to deal with. MAINTENANCE...Gotten better, but still pretty bad. About a year ago they replaced the maintenance crew. It's still a challenge to get them to fix anything. I generally just fixed most small things myself, as if I didn't it wasn't going to be fixed properly anyway. Also be aware that you will get charged for certain repairs, and they are not going to make you aware of this beforehand. If I remember correctly I was charged $45 for blinds that broke. CONSTRUCTION...The buildings are older and have not been properly cared for. Be prepared for leaks, drafts, warped floors, mold, and bugs. GROUNDS...Generally not well kept. Lots of potholes in the lots. Be prepared to shovel snow. The bare minimum upkeep is done. Be aware that dogs are allowed in some buildings and many of the owners do not clean up after them. Many dog owners from the complex next door like to bring their dogs over and don't clean up after them as well. The pool is generally not usable. PARKING...Unassigned and there's not enough. The management used to be very strict about the 2 car per unit policy. That policy has clearly gone by the wayside. At the time I moved, the unit two doors down from me had 5 cars. NOISE...You're going to hear everything that your neighbor does, especially if there's several adults and children living in the unit next to yours. Management used to be pretty strict about preventing this, but that is no longer the case. At one point there were 7 (by my count) men living in the 1 bedroom unit next door to me. LAUNDRY...Generally one or more the machines are out of order. The laundry rooms are in the basements of the buildings. The room closest to my unit was recently being used as a party space, complete with beer bottles, speakers, chairs, and puddles of urine. It's also worth mentioning that my girlfriend had someone rifle through her clothes in the dryer. SAFETY...It's gone downhill rapidly. Aside from the issues that I mentioned at the start of this review, there have been several break ins in the neighborhood recently. The local 7-11 store was also robbed a few months ago. On any given summer night, be prepared for groups of people in the parking lot drinking, smoking, and playing music at obnoxious volume. On more than one occasion I left for work in the morning and had to step over grown men passed out in the front of my unit. One morning I found someone passed out on my patio. OVERALL...I wouldn't recommend Country Villas in Lisle to anyone. Seriously, do some research before making a decision to move here. I think that you'd be hard pressed to find any positive reviews.
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Country Villas

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