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Country Villas



Prospective Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Let me get started with the managements of this so called "property". The first --------------- ... She is a completely ------ who is extremely rude and judgmental. She sounds like she is better than everyone who comes in to rent the property. She gives you dirty look if you are not "-----". I have witnessed this for myself. The second, slightly better, --------. Total ------- who doesnt know anything. She makes me feel like a geniues talking to her because she doesnt have an answers for anything. Always the same excuse, i have to talk to my boss or the corporate. She tries so hard to make herself sound smart and knowledgeable but she is rude, stupid and is not at all helpful. They also have the excuse of never knowing when something going to be done like maintenance. Also says we will take care of it but never do unless i start getting angry and saying things like i am going to call the police or sue them. I hope they both get fired since apparently they dont have to be smart or caring personality to work as a property manager.
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Country Villas

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