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Four Lakes Condos



Resident · 2004 - 2008
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Office Staff
I've been living in the 5800 Oakwood building for about 5 years now and since there wasn't something specific to that building, this seemed like the best place to put the review. -Noise: A lot of people have dogs that like to bark while going down the hall late at night and people sometimes have loud conversations on their balconies, but other than that it is fairly quiet for a condo. -Management: They used to be terrible, but the recent one is much easier to get a hold of, especially via the website. They usually respond to problems within a day or two. There recently was a huge roof leak and although, since it was a winter replacement, that it took them months to finally fix it, they quickly repaired the ceiling damage in my unit. They did a great job too. -Security: Sometimes the security doors are propped open, which bugs me, but that's been happening less and less lately. People get packages left for them in lobby and they'll sometimes stay there for a week. I've had them left there for a good chunk of the day without them ever being stolen. If I see one small enough to slide under a door, I'll bring it up to the unit and do that. Also, police regularly circle the area. -People: From what I can tell they're fairly nice. I'm really a loner type, so I don't really talk to anyone in the building, but you get a hello as you walk by people. The only problems I've had is people complaining about things like me throwing cigarettes off of the building (I don't smoke) and things like that which I didn't do. So, I take it there are some issues like that. -Parking: The guest parking is quit far from the building, and there is very little of it. I only have one parking spot, so that can be annoying when I have someone over. -Maintenance: When things break, they get repaired quickly. The power has gone out in the building three times since I moved here and it was always up within a few hours or under and hour, so we must be on a good power grid. -Grounds: This is the main thing that made me decide to live here. It is like you're living in the forest and the grounds are worked on a lot. -Roads: People make the blind tight turns fast and often go ever the dividing line which I can see causing problems and getting people who are walking run over. There are also HUGE speed bumps which I see as necessary because people tend to drive as fast as they can get away with. This may be an issue if you have a low riding car like a Camaro or something.
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Four Lakes Condos

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